7 awesome ideas to get unique and attractive gable Boxes

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Gable boxes are the type of containers that are most probably used for food packaging or as party favors. Some retail businesses have also started using them for their product packaging to meet the latest market trends. The boxes have a square auto-bottom structure with a triangular-shaped top. The triangular edge has two small slits attached to it, which is used in handling them well. The packaging is perfect to carry almost every product that comes to your mind. Unlike plastics, these boxes are eco-friendly, making them safe for the environment. They are designed from high-quality cardboard sheets to provide maximum protection to the items. The interesting customization of gable boxes gives them a professional display. They are perfect to captivate the customers to purchase your products. Let us have a look at some awesome ideas to make gable boxes more unique and attractive.

Play With Colors to Attract Customers:

Colors are one of the most important elements of packaging design. They play a significant role in capturing customer attention. Making the right color selection for your custom gable boxes is not tough. You have to just keep the product and customer need in mind. For example, if you are selling cosmetics, never go for too vibrant colors. Choose an elegant color scheme to give a soothing effect to the eyes. However, if you are designing a gable box for kids’ items, choose bright and vivid colors to attract youngsters instantly. For creating packaging for your natural soap collection, you may go for choosing white or brown gable with a printed branded logo for a minimalist approach. Thus whatever is the product, the color of your gable boxes creates an impact on the customers’ perception.

Be Creative with Customization:

The most amazing thing about the gable packaging is that you can customize it in any shape, style, size, and design of your choice. These boxes are famous for their hut shape but the advancements in the packaging industry can produce them with interesting variations. No matter which shape and size you select, the manufacturers make sure that it will be according to the product’s dimensions. Color scheme, typography, images, and graphics are key elements of a customized design. Create their perfect mix which complements your brand as well as the product. Getting more creative with your gable box packaging will help you to attract a heap of customers.

Include Transparency:

Adding transparency is always a good option, no matter which packaging style you select. It also works well in the case of gable boxes bulk to grab customers’ attention more. Window patching or die-cutting is recently been a top packaging trend. A windowpane allows the customers to see through their gable boxes even before opening them. Similarly, die-cutting allows you to create multiple styles of the window instead of the traditional square or rectangular shape to give an alluring display. It has been seen that often customers disappoint on seeing a product far from the packaging depiction. It may result in a bad image of the company. Transparent gable boxes help in building the customers’ trust by showcasing the actual product they are going to buy.

Use Special Finishing Effects:

Finishing options are a good way to enhance the appeal of your gable packaging boxes. They give your product a premium-quality luxurious look to create a lasting impression on your customers. A visually appealing packaging helps your business to enjoy higher sales. So, if you choose gable boxes bulk for your products’ packaging does not forget to use special finishes and coating. There are several options available like UV coating, aqueous coating, soft-touch, matte coating, gold stamping, embossing and gloss coating, etc. all these are good choices when it comes to designing gable boxes more uniquely and attractively.

Give a try to Eco-Friendliness:

If your business has tried several times to create a good impact on the customers but failed to achieve the desired result, use eco-friendly gable boxes as the last attempt. Recyclable packaging helps to win the customers’ trust by showcasing your responsible side. Gable boxes are usually designed from cardboard, corrugated board, or Kraft material. All these choices are reusable and recyclable. When a customer will get his product packed in a natural way, he will be attracted to your brand over others.

Consider the Inside Packaging:

The external display of your custom gable boxes indeed matters the most. However to enhance the customer experience, working on its inside packaging boxes can prove very useful. Designing the box internally is one of the basic ways to impress the customers. You can go for coloring the box from the inside, introduce a logo, or choose a random print. Wrap your products in a branded tissue paper or use inserts to make them more presentable. As the customer opens the box he will enjoy every step of this unforgettable unboxing experience. As a result, he will purchase from your brand again and again and recommend it to others as well.

Go for Themed Packaging:

Gable boxes are known for their versatility. They are used on a variety of events to make your gift-giving more special. The customization of gable packaging allows the manufactures to introduce theme variations. For example, if it’s the Christmas season and you are selling your bakery products in gable boxes, create limited edition packs by designing them in red and green. Use images of Santa, Christmas tree, and jingle bells, etc to make them more attractive. Similarly, you can play with the design of your gable boxes on several other occasions as well to reflect more festivity through your packaging.

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