Amazing Ways To Save Extra Money While Shopping for Diwali festival

What is the one thing you are excited about this Diwali? Some will say bursting crackers is their favourite part, while others claim that eating sweets is the most exciting part. 

Well, Diwali is not a festival that can be confined to a one-day celebration. One of the best parts that make this festival more special is Diwali shopping.  It’s something that starts at least a month before the actual date in Indian houses. And it involves so many tasks like cleaning houses, making sweets, buying new clothes, purchasing Diwali gifts for friends and family. Well, whether you like it or not, Diwali and shopping go hand in hand. Don’t you agree that the excitement of the Diwali festival is doubled due to the shopping process?

Diwali is a festival when everyone is binging and bonding around, right? Exchanging gifts is one such practice that we do to improve our social life and relationships, which we generally ignore in our busy lives. Well, while we look for gifts for people, we usually end up buying stuff for our house, as well. And it is a smart time to buy things for yourself too, but be thoughtful in your purchase. We know you just received the Diwali bonus. But it isn’t mandatory to spend the whole bonus on Diwali shopping. 

Here are some tips for Diwali shopping that will save you from carrying a large amount of cash. 

Discount offers

What’s that one perk that you get while Diwali shopping? It’s a Diwali discount. I don’t think there is even a point of Diwali shopping if you don’t avail of Diwali discounts. Just like foreign countries are loaded with discounts on Christmas, the same way, with Diwali approaching, Indian markets are flooded with discounts and offers. Almost every company from bank to online websites are ready with different combos and offers to lure you. Look out for the best offers that suit you by comparing various portals and do the math properly on how much tax you have to pay over it. 

Set your budget limits

What is your thought process while you leave your house for Diwali shopping? People generally think of what they want to purchase, the best place for a particular product. But, out of excitement, what we usually forget is to set a budget. When we go clueless about the budget, we often end up spending more. But when we limit ourselves to a budget, it becomes easy not to get carried away with attractive offers. No matter how badly that cash in your pocket wants to come out, next time, leave the house with some budget in your mind. You also get online Diwali gifts for your loved ones and surprise them with the amazing gifts that hamper this festive occasion. 

Avoid last-minute shopping

People tend to postpone Diwali shopping and keep it their last priority. Avoid that if you want to save some cash. When we rush for last-minute shopping, we generally end up buying anything at any price. And it is no surprise that brands always sell their products at double rates just before the big day. It is a very successful marketing trick. This works because the items become a need for the customers, and they agree to buy them at any price they are asked for. 

So to avoid such a situation, plan and shop well in advance. Don’t forget what they say ‘ haste makes waste.’

Compare prices

Do you know what a smart consumer does? They always compare prices at ten different places before actually finalizing the product. It is the most effective practice and the most ignored one too. People are too lazy or ignorant to check out all the possible options before they swipe their cards. You are paying for it, so a consumer’s satisfaction should be the top priority. Whether you are wandering from shop to shop or switching from website to website, compare. Since it’s Diwali, everyone offers different discounts; you just have to figure out which ones are best for you. 

So next time you are looking for Diwali gifts in Pune, don’t go bankrupt, do smart work and save some extra. 

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