Buying Cannabis? Here Are The Top Cannabinoids Found In The Cannabis Plant

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The cannabis plant has made headlines for its soothing properties. Many have opted for it as a substitute for medical approaches owing to its natural origins. But have you ever asked yourself where these healing capabilities arise?

Cannabinoids in the plant are responsible for these qualities. The plant gets to house over 100 cannabinoids, but we will look at the top ones. So which are these top cannabinoids giving the plant therapeutic properties? So, if you are buying cannabis products from the cannabis delivery services Guelph, learn everything about the top cannabinoids found in cannabis. . Take a look!


Much has been revolving around this cannabinoid since it’s typical of cannabinoids. Many products are now infused with this cannabinoid for use. The Food and Drug Association has also approved this cannabinoid as a seizures treatment.

This cannabinoid has three extracts: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. With isolate being pure CBD and the other extracts contain other cannabinoids.


This cannabinoid is known for its high psychoactive properties. Upon intake, it binds the brain’s CB1 receptors creating high effects. But, there are regulations posed upon this cannabinoid in the market whereby it’s supposed to be lower than 0.3%.

Full-spectrum extract products contain it but will only give you an entourage effect. This is because they are under federal regulations. This cannabinoid comes from THCA, which, when heated, turns to be THC.


This cannabinoid is the parent to THC and CBD, whereby enzymes break it down to the two when heated. This cannabinoid handles the reduction of pain and inflammation when ingested. 


This is a minor yet essential cannabinoid as it helps ease blood flow by widening blood vessels. More research is underway about this cannabinoid. It’s showing other promising body protection results.


This cannabinoid is present in the plant in considerable amounts and, when heated, turns to CBD. The research behind this cannabinoid shows that it can cut nausea and the adverse chemotherapy side effects.


This cannabinoid is otherwise known as cannabichromene acid. It has shown promising results in treating fungal infections. 


This cannabinoid gets formed when THCA breaks down with time. It has shown promising results for anti-inflammatory and sedating effects.


This cannabinoid, otherwise known as cannabidivarin, has shown anti-epileptic and nausea results. It’s equal to CBD cannabinoid but in much less strength. 


There are other cannabinoids to list from the cannabis plant, but these are the major known ones. While placing your order for cannabis through cannabis delivery services in Guelph, you can ask them about the cannabinoids present in your products. The best service will guide you through everything before delivering your product. Besides, research into other cannabinoids is ongoing, and more gets revealed about it. 

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