Do I Need Dentures Or Implants To Replace My Missing Teeth?

Dental pain is no more hidden these days, as people face so many dental issues that keep them restless and irritated. Toothache has become a leading problem that should be sorted out on time to get rid of several dental issues. It is embarrassing when you feel extreme dental pain and it becomes difficult to decide whether which treatment is better.

Dentures and implants can be a top priority whenever we look at various dental challenges. It’s a reliable treatment; even both treatments have a connection with each other. Therefore, you can plan one treatment for replacing your damaged teeth. You can either go with implants or dentures, the choice is yours. Which treatment do you prefer?

Both are ideal for your dental health, whereas you can find some differences between both treatments. The purpose of both is to fill the teeth gap and providing support to jawbones. In this way, you feel improvement in jawbones due to alignment. It’s a good way to stop tooth decay and gum bleeding. Here we go with the details of implants and dentures!

What Are Implants?

A dental implant is a costly treatment compared to dentures. It is suitable for patients who miss their teeth. If you have damaged and broken teeth, you can go with implants. It has three stages including the screw, abutment, and crown. The base of the implant is a must, whereas a screw is inserted into the jawbone.

Make sure, it doesn’t affect gum tissues, so choose qualified and competent dentists for this handy treatment. In the second phase of the abutment, dentists connect screws with crowns. It is quite a technical process that aids implants to go smoothly. Finally, you enjoy implants once all the process is complete.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are also ideal for replacing missing and damaged teeth. These are dental devices prepared in the lab for providing support to the gums and tissues. The dentures are custom-made teeth that restore your smile. There are different stages of dentures, whereas you may choose partial and complete dentures depending on your suitability.

After you find out the differences between both, the decision is all yours whether to choose implants or to choose dentures. All in all, implants are better when compared to dentures. No doubt, a dental implant is costly, but it is a lifetime treatment that keeps you satisfied and for a long time. Indeed, it’s a lifetime treatment and you never feel uneasy in life.

Furthermore, you feel immense pleasure because of healthy and strong teeth due to implants. Your dental health isn’t at risk with implants and that is the advantage you get from implants. You feel string with jawbones and credit goes to this treatment.

Durability is also a concern that makes you feel confident. You feel natural with implants, as it always looks glossy and superb. The care and maintenance become easy with implants, while dentures are temporary and your health is at risk.


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