Do You Know How To Do Facebook Marketing For Generating Traffic?

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Sukhdeep Singh
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With Facebook becoming more than just a social networking site, it has proven itself as the latest channel of online marketing and will continue to do so. it’s not too late to get started with social media marketing! Grow your business by engaging with your customers.

Do you know how to do Facebook marketing? How to get more exposure, more visibility, and more customers? If so, make sure to avoid the 4 common mistakes listed below.

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1. Not Creating a Custom Welcome Page. Creating a Custom Welcome Page is an excellent way to increase your fans. Statistics show that it will help you turn 72% of your visitors into fans. You can create a Custom Welcome Page by using the Facebook Application, Static HTML: frame tabs. This application allows you to create a Welcome Page for non-fans and a different one for fans. But, please note that you will need to have some knowledge of HTML code in order to use it.

If you are not familiar with HTML code, then you can visit With Pagemodo, no coding is required. No design or graphics skills are required. They have free ready-made templates for you to use to create your Custom Welcome Page.

2. Not Creating a Fan Page Username. Once your Fan Page has 25 fans, you’ll be able to create a username for your page. So, instead of having a long ugly URL, you’ll have a shorter one like This is a great way to brand yourself and to make it easier to share your link with others and easier for fans to locate your page.

3. Not Using your Business Name as your Fan Page Name. When naming your Fan page, I recommend that you use your Business Name. Your Fan page is your business page, and it will contain more information on your business, products, and services. However, that’s not the reason for using your Business Name.

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The most important reason for using your Business Name is that at the very top of your personal profile, it shows where you work, and if you’ll notice, it is a clickable link. So, people can click and go directly to your Fan page.

For example, if you work at ABC Company, and that’s the name of your Fan page, then ABC Company will be listed at the very top of your personal profile. It will be the 1st thing that people see when they come to your profile. That’s a great way to get more fans for your page, more exposure, more visibility.

4. Not Inviting your “Target Market” to become a Fan of your Page. A big mistake that many marketers make is that they set up social media accounts and only connect with their.

family and personal friends. Then they wonder why they’re not getting more clients or sales. Instead, I recommend that you connect with people who are in your target market – potential clients (people who are interested in your products and services).

For example, if you teach yoga, connect with people who love yoga. If you are a weight loss coach, connect with people who want to lose weight. If you are real estate broker, connect with people who are interested in buying or selling a home in your area.

There are over 600 million people on Facebook, so your target market is definitely using Facebook. The benefit of connecting with your Target Market is that every time you post something to your social media profiles, your posts are now going out to people who are interested in your products and services. Your posts are going out to POTENTIAL CLIENTS. This will significantly increase the traffic to your website, increase your clients, and increase your sales!

Another benefit of connecting with your Target Market is that you can invite them to join your Fan page. Since they’re potential clients who are already interested in your products & services, they are more likely to become a fan of your page. However, it’s very important that you build a relationship with them prior to inviting them to join your Fan page. Make a true connection first.

Always remember that social media is about building relationships. So, when you connect with your target market, make sure to make a genuine connection with them and provide them with a lot of value. Provide them with guidance, helpful tips, and support. Show them that you care.

Many Businesses Are Using Social Media, But Are They Getting Results?

Do you know how to start an online business? Recently, an online network of local business owners revealed that more local businesses are turning to Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter, as a low-cost option for their marketing efforts. The survey, conducted by Merchant Circle, with 8,500 random small and local business owners across the U.S, revealed that 70% of these business owners are actively marketing their business through Facebook.

How to start an online business

Being “on Facebook” and actually using Facebook to it’s fullest potential, are two completely different things. Many business owners have heard that they, “Need to get their businesses on Facebook”. So they open a Facebook account, post a few pictures, connect with a few friends, and now they are “on Facebook”. Social marketing is less about marketing and more about being social. The days of placing an ad in the paper have changed. Your ad is now interactive. People can ask it questions.

You can communicate with customers and clients like never before, but make no mistake, being “on Facebook” will not bring anyone running to you. You have to engage them. Find a way to connect and add value. There is no way around this. In order to be successful in social media you must engage in a dialogue with your friends and costumers.

What makes social media so popular? For one thing it’s free to join the social media world. Another reason is the connection it brings with it. They are real connections with real people. Yet it seems that business owners are missing this point. It’s not advertising. It’s sharing. And it’s the only way to make social media work.

After you open your profile and start using Facebook, you will want to create what’s called a Facebook “page”. A page is an identity for your business on Facebook. A profile is personal, and a page is for business.

There are many differences  both here I am going to explain four major differences-

  1. Facebook Pages are visible to everyone Even people who aren’t logged in to Facebook can see Facebook Pages. On the other hand a simple user profile can only be seen by the user’s friends and others in her networks.
  2. Facebook Pages can have an unlimited number of fans buy one user profile you can add only 5,000 friends.
  3. Users can automatically support your Facebook Page without confirmation but on the other hand User profiles have to approve all incoming friend requests.
  4. You can send Updates to all your fans User profiles cannot message all their friends at once.

Do you want to know how to do facebook marketing? Below are the tips for you-

1). Start off a professional image with your Facebook Business Fan Page

For good branding, customize your Facebook fan page just like your website’s pages and so that customers can easily get brand awareness on product details, special offers, and business events in just one glance of your page.

Fill out the information page with complete contact details, such as your physical office address, phone numbers, email address, web link, operating hours, and company stats.

2). Attach your official business logo in the profile picture

Fan interactions with your page show up in News Feeds of their Friends, so actively use the wall features, photo, video, discussion, links, and events tabs to interact with customers for greater branding exposure, to announce product line-ups and new sales offers, create a new buzz for the business and communicate effectively with them to value customer loyalty and manage customer expectations.

3). Promote and advertise non-stop

Remember that with social media it’s very important to intermingle on a regular basis to build your community. Here are a few tips to promote your page on Facebook:

Relevant groups can also be your top priority in how to do Facebook marketing? Join Facebook Groups and Communities ~ Connect with groups or communities that will benefit your business to boost business exposure and gain potential customers. Become a fan of well-known experts in your field, you can gain exposure through a working association with them. The online world is always receptive to anything new and exciting. Collaborate on innovative events/promotions with competitors or non-competitive businesses, either through sponsorships or joint ventures, which will create a buzz within and outside the Facebook community.

Facbeook ads

Share your page information on other websites by leaving your Page Badge, which contains your contact information on email and forum signatures, or as a sidebar on your own website or blog

4). Monitor Fan Base Traffic

The Facebook Insights link provides businesses a basic structure for tracking their fan base. The data here will help you grow your fan base as it gives you insights on total page visits, how content and posting frequency influence fan interactions, where your fans come from, and what sorts of fans to target.

There is much to learn about me and my website. When I’m not enjoying my life as a father, husband, or son, I am a member of the fraternity known as “Major League Baseball” (MLB). Over the years I’ve been viewed around the circuit as an intelligent and committed businessman. So I often pride myself on being the multi-dimensional athlete that I am. Extremely grateful for the gift that God has given me, yet being keenly aware that I will not pitch forever

5). Use Facebook Ads

With more than two billion monthly active users on Facebook, one should never bother to use facebook advertisement.

Frankly speaking you are not lacking behind if you are not using Facebook ads for your business. From new customer to the acquiring customer there are number of benefits that you will get from Facebook advertisement.

These are some of the tips that will help you in how to do Facebook marketing. Perhaps these are some of the tips if you want to suggest more feel free in the comment box. And for more updates keep connected.

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