9 E commerce Site Optimization Tips to Increase Sales 

E commerce site optimization tips are never-ending process! E commerce Site Optimization will increase the number of high-quality visitors and their conversion rates. To stay current, you will have to constantly update your e commerce site along with the changing trends and evolving customer preferences. 

Lets explore different E commerce site optimization tips

Search engine optimization

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Through search engine optimization you can drive healthy traffic to your website organically. For this, you have to make your website search engine friendly.  

The first thing to do in this regard is keyword research.  Do thorough keyword research to find out the most searched and relevant keywords related to your products and include them in your page titles, meta descriptions, and product descriptions. Make sure to include synonyms of the keywords and also long-tail keywords in the product descriptions, but at the same time, don’t try to force them into your content. 

Use SEO-friendly URLs so that search engines and also users can easily understand what your page is about.  

Writing unique meta descriptions for each page with relevant keywords will also help in search engine optimization.  

Yet another way to E commerce site optimization tips is by building high-quality backlinks.  

Fast-loading site

Loading speed is a crucial factor that influences your sales. A fast-loading site gets a high-ranking on-search engines while slow-loading websites put off users and they move on to other options.  

E commerce sites with load times between 0-2 seconds have the highest conversion rate. With every additional second after this, conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42 seconds. 

A major reason for slow-loading websites is the large images. Always compress images before uploading. Also, ensure that the apps you use are not slowing your site down. The theme selected can also affect your site’s performance. Get rid of all the needless elements and reduce the load time for your e commerce site. 

High-quality content  

Provide informative, clear, concise, and impressive content for your website. Providing high-quality content is important both for the users and the search engines. Clearly explain the specifics of your products and the value it offers to the customers, through your content.  

Make your site is mobile friendly 

More and more customers these days are accessing the internet through cell phones and other mobile devices. So, it is important that you make your website responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices. 45% of users abandon content that is poorly displayed on their devices. 

Include high-quality images and videos 


Visual content is deciding factor in making purchases. They have a much greater appeal than the written content. Attractive photos and videos get shared by users and increase brand awareness. Include high-quality pics and videos on your website

 Images also get displayed in Google image searches and attract potential leads to your website. Along with professional photos and videos, you can also include videos and photos from users. User-generated photos and videos add extra credibility to your claims. You can encourage your customers to post photo and video content through hashtag campaigns, customer review requests, etc and post them on your website. 

Provide personalized experiences

 Shoppers these days require a personalized experience. 34% of customers are more likely to make an unplanned purchase on receiving personalized services.  You can personalize your home page based on buyers’ previous purchase history. Display the items that might be of interest to them, on the homepage.   

You can include live chat, shopping assistance, personalized product recommendations, etc. to create a personalized experience for your customers. If you are selling globally, provide regional recommendations. Personalization not only encourages impulsive purchases, but also increases a buyer’s lifetime value. 

 Create social media pages for your brand and add links to them on your website. This will help customers share content on social media with their friends and attract more potential leads to your website.  

Add links to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, and watch your customers do the promotions for you. 

Display your best products and special offers on the home page 

Display any existing promotions or offers on your home page to attract more leads. You can even have a separate sale section on your e commerce site. You can also display your bestsellers or newly introduced products on header and banner sliders on your home page. 

Add social proof 

Adding social proof to your store is a proven method to increase conversion. Social proof can be in the form of text reviews, photos, or videos from customers who have already used your products. Customers trust these as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. The number of people who have already used a product can be displayed on the product page to encourage more customers to make a quick shopping decision. 

Shopify has many interesting apps that can automate the entire process of collecting and displaying customer reviews for your store. Automated review requests are usually sent via email to collect reviews. There is a unique tool that lets you collect customer reviews and display them in beautiful widgets. What makes this brand different from other review tools is the channel used for collecting reviews.

Instead of emails, this tool collects reviews via WhatsApp! The intuitive user interface of this app and the popularity of the channel it uses, have helped the app to offer its customers a 35% review request conversion rate. This is a massive achievement when compared to a 1% conversion rate of email requests. 

To conclude 

Whatever E commerce site optimization tips you adopt, do A/B testing wherever possible and choose whichever option works best for you. 

The ultimate aim here is to provide a hassle-free overall experience for the customers so that they keep coming back for more. A great customer experience will differentiate your brand from your competitors giving you a competitive edge.  

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