Tips on How To Start An Online Marketing Business In A Right Way

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Sukhdeep Singh
Sukhdeep Singh having vast experience in Digital Marketing and always strive to explore the latest in Marketing. He attends the number of seminars to become much capable to be the part of Digital Marketing.

It’s amazing how fast the world moves nowadays…Where ever we are living, I could go into the Internet and buy my favorite book from any online store without going out of my house.


Anyone looking for a guide on how to start an online marketing business can certainly know by a fact, that the Internet is the fastest and biggest platform of communication that human beings have created…ever.

In the online world, you can get customers from around the world with the single power of a click…This is, without doubt, an exciting age for us Entrepreneurs to plugin on how to start an online marketing business the right way and make (almost) instant sales globally.


Now, this is not for tire kickers who are constantly surfing the Web for the “magic” pill that will make them money on autopilot while watching TV at home.

The main search engines like Google or Yahoo are certainly great ways to get started if you are looking for how to start an online marketing business and claim your piece of the pie.

How To Start An Online Marketing Business

Basically, there are 2 ways to do this:

  • Paid Advertising: This is known as PPC (Pay Per Click) where you pay for every click that your ad receives from a potential customer…For example, let’s say that you sell “dog training” products for people interested in training their new puppy and not make a mess at home. You can instantly build a PPC campaign in Google Adwords, with the search phrase “dog training” and pay for every click where your ad is placed for that phrase.  Powerful.
  • Organic Traffic: Google loooooves content. Once you are able to match your potential customers’ problems with YOUR solutions (products and services) you send them to your site through this piece of content.

Is That Easy?

As you might understand at this point, how to start an online marketing business is an easy question to be answered…You just need to plug in your brain into these exciting new strategies and “get” your stuff out there.

Now…Can you say it’s easy? Well, I personally hate that word. It’s not easy. It’s do-able. It’s possible.

Do you have the GUTS to do it?

Growing Your Company Through Marketing

Every company is aiming for success and as a business owner you know that the competition within the market is fierce. In order for your company to make and earn money, you should do something to make your dreams for your business come true. One of the responsibilities you have is to make sure that the consumers are aware about your products. What if the popularity rate of your products or services and even your company is low? To solve this problem and to avoid it, business owners like you are obliged to promote the products and services of the companies you own.

Nowadays, most businesses and companies have websites as with online presence, there are more chances for these to become profitable. The same with traditional businesses, online companies and stores promote their products or services to generate web traffic to their websites. If your website is not often visited by internet users, you could search for different companies engaged in online marketing.

These companies will help your business to grow by determining the needs of your website. At present, there are different ways used to promote a business like social marketing and search marketing. These services are the ways how your company will gain popularity and these are included in the list of services offered by various Search Engine Optimization companies within your area. Finding one is not difficult to do as more companies these days offer these services. What you need to do is to check the credibility of the website for the sake of your business. Search for popular SEO companies within your area.

Setting Up Your SEO Project for Success

Search Engine Optimization is now very common due to the technology that keeps on improving. If you have a business that uses this type of marketing, it is very important for you to remember important steps on setting up your SEO project to ensure success. For you reach success in this type of business, these steps should be remembered and done properly.

First, it is very important to know why the cycle of sadness in this business is very significant. The cycle of sadness is important to consider in order for you to be successful in this certain business. You should ask several questions for you to be informed about the important things.  Ask for examples from the works of clients and get a quick sample audit from their site. Lots of steps on how to reach success in this particular business are available for you to find out through the internet.


Building relationship with the clients is also very important for you to have a lot of customers. You should be personable or likable. Being professional is also very important as most clients prefer formal transactions. Other attitudes that you should have in setting up a particular SEO project are being effective, helpful, transparent and proactive.

If you have these positive attitudes and you performed all-important procedures on how to start an SEO project effectively, it will lead you to success and you will definitely earn lots of money.  Make sure to follow these steps and you will surely have a successful SEO project.

The Top 5 Essential Internet Marketing Tools for Small Business Success

Over the past 10 years running my own marketing business online I’ve evaluated dozens of Internet Marketing Tools and I’m about to share with you the 5 most important tools for how to start an online marketing business. Implement all 5 of these marketing tools, combined with a solid business plan and they will take your small business to the pinnacle of online success.

If you are familiar with the old adage that you don’t have to outrun the grizzly bear you just have to outrun the slowest runner then these are probably not for you. Just getting by online is not what these tools are about. Anyone can just get by!

5 Essential tools are-


Having a great looking professional web presence that is simple and easy for a non-technical person to maintain is essential. Not only is WordPress free, but it’s extremely easy to use. Anyone can learn in a few minutes how to add articles and information to a WordPress based Website. Don’t get caught up yourself in thinking that WordPress is just a “blogging” platform rather it is the much more powerful. WordPress is a full blown CMS  for the small business and large business operator. With a properly designed WordPress Template, a few plug-ins (Software add-ons to increase the functionality of your site), and careful keyword selection you can out compete your competition.

Keyword Research Tool

If you want to increase your market share online you need to understand exactly how people are finding businesses like yours. You could sit down with a pen and paper and start brainstorming ideas about the words people use to search for your offer, and this is a great place to start, but you’ll fall way short. There is simply no way to guess all the different combinations of phrases that a person might use to find what they are looking for online. Take a person searching for a new home as an example.  They might type in Boston Real Estate, Boston Homes for Sale, Real Estate, and House in Boston.

keyword research

Keywords allow you to not only know what words are used to find your product, service, or offer but give you keen insights as to the behaviors behind those searches. A person who types in Boston Realtor Referrals is a much better opportunity for a Realtor than one who types in Boston Real Estate. Clearly you know form the former term they do not yet have a Realtor. And if you are a Realtor imagine how valuable that would be to know in advance! Keyword Research Pro is the tool I recommend for digging in and pulling the information you need from the millions of possible keywords.

Google Maps/Local Search

Google is offering a service through their business center called “Google Maps”. With Google places small business owners can get their businesses to show up on Google Maps when a local search is made with search terms relevant to their business. This can be an extremely valuable tool as Google Maps and the accompanying search results are displayed right at the top of the search page!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a program that allows you to “Bid” for keyword phrases and placement results. If you do a search on Google and look at the top and right of the page you’ll see advertisements. If you do this correctly and target your business to local search you can acquire customers for a very low cost… do it wrong and you can throw away your entire advertising budget for nothing. This is the quickest way to get your new web offer in front of customers. Some small business owners are so effective with Adwords that they do not even bother to worry about organic search placement. However, you should develop campaigns for both methods.

AWeber Email Marketing Software

When you create an offer that requires a potential customer to give you their contact information you can come back and market to them over and over again! Think about how powerful repeat marketing can be for your business. This is especially powerful for businesses that sell products and services that have a “shelf life”. An example would be the carpet cleaning business where people need to periodically have their carpets cleaned. Get a person to subscribe to your newsletter and keep them hooked on your offer. Targeted opt-in Email marketing is the single most cost effective way to keep in touch and keep customers for life.

Article Summary

Effectively implementing these 5 simple marketing tools with your own business plan can result in an explosion of new customers. You are familiar with the phrase it’s not what you know but who you know? Who you know helps… but what you know is a strategy that can work for everyone! Take few minutes out of your busy schedule and learn how these 5 effective online marketing tools can help your business to grow.

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