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If you have to send an fax, don’t be concerned. There are many options of faxing for free which will allow you to deliver your cover letter or other forms online in a matter of minutes.

Surely at this point, with mobiles that send messages with images and videos instantly or with the digital signature of documents, you will think that the online Fax is completely out of date and we have no need to use it. But nothing is further from the truth, because the Fax is still quite valid and in many cases it is a good way to record something, beyond what we could leave with a simple email or instant message. And yes, our mobile in addition to doing all those things, is capable of sending faxes too, something for which we need to install a specific app for this type of sending.

Do you remember the days of faxes? These old-fashioned machines scanned documents and transmitted them to a second machine, where they were then printed. Even today they are commonplace in households, are used by companies to transfer and receive crucial papers, legal notes and reports. Each now and then such as when dealing with financial or binding contract documents, you’ll need to fax — not email, tweet important documents to somebody.

How can you send a Fax from your mobile?

Well, as you can imagine, it is an app , in this case called FAX.PLUS, which allows us to enjoy sending this type of document, also even to different countries. So if for work or for whatever reason you need to send a fax on time, you don’t need to buy a machine to send them or have a phone line to do it. Since this app is capable of generating a virtual telephone number for the Fax, which allows us to send and receive these contents through the application.

Sending a Fax is the same as scanning a page

Although the download of the app is free, this service has a cost. Although to prove it we have the possibility of making several shipments at no cost. In fact, the first ten pages we send are completely free. Therefore, it is a good way to test the operation of this app, which allows us to send faxes from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. In addition, preparing the document that we are going to send via fax is really simple, because we can do it in the same way that we would send an image through any mobile app.

You just have to take a photo with the mobile camera of the document in question, and crop the image with the tool integrated in the app . Once we have the document ready, we enter the shipping number and wait for the magic to take place. Before using the app you have to register, and create a virtual fax number that will be the one we will operate with in this app from now on. Therefore and as you can see, this application makes sending faxes something very simple in the 21st century.

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