QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: (Update & Setup)

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QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a useful tool that helps QuickBooks users to fix an assortment of issues related to multiple network and company file corruptions. This robust tool finds and fixes connection errors between QuickBooks, company files and the database manager.

When To Use Connection Diagnostic Tool For QuickBooks?

If you are facing any of the following errors or issues in your software, you can use the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool 2019, 2020, or any latest version to fix these issues.

  • When the error is related to the non-functioning QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Misconfigured Windows Firewall as per the QuickBooks version installed on the computer.
  • It can also fix damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company files that restrict the users from accessing the company files.
  • You can use this tool to troubleshoot the error if the Vendor list and Customer list are empty in QuickBooks.
  • It also comes in handy when you make some changes in the entries, but they are outdated.
  • QB Connection Tool can also fix the H-series(H101, H202, H505) errors in Multi-user mode & 6000 series.
  • When the QuickBooks performance is affected due to a virus or malware.

Errors that Can be Resolved using Intuit Connection Diagnostic Tool

Below we have listed all the major issues that you can rectify by using the connection diagnostic tool by QuickBooks:

  • All the connectivity errors in QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • QuickBooks 6000– series of errors like 6150, 6000-82, 6000-301, 6147, and 6103.
  • QB multi-user mode errors like H101, H303, H202, and H505.
  • Firewall port issues in Windows.
  • Damaged files in the Windows Registry.
  • Missing QB files that are afflicting connection with the workstations.

How To Download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool download process is described in detail below. Follow the step-by-step guide for a smooth download. To avoid any technical glitches, make sure to have a stable internet connection:

  • Firstly, download QB Connection Diagnostic tool from the official website.
  • Then, save the mentioned file in the system.
  • After that, you have to open the installer named QBInstall_tool_vs.exe.
  • Now, shut all the programs running in the background.
  • To begin the installation, click on QBInstall_tool_vs.exe.
  • Further, you have to reboot the program and go to the next step.
  • Once done, remove all the background applications.
  • At last, the software will remove all the errors that are present in your system.

How to Install QB connection diagnostic tool?

Now that you have downloaded the tool, you need to install it. For that, follow the steps enumerated below:

  • Before you begin, make sure that there is no outdated version of the tool available. If present, you must first uninstall them. Else, it will hamper the smooth functioning of your system.
  • Now, visit the OEM website and then download the installation package. Besides, you must also take out the files from the system.
  • After that, open up the setup and make sure to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the installation process ends, you must open the tool so that it can start automatically.
  • Further, go to the directory that takes up your affected company file with the drop-down list’s help.
  • You don’t need the network connectivity option if a single user is using the software. Many issues arise due to corruption in the company file. However, connectivity issues could be the reason behind the occurrence of any error.
  • When the message box appears on the screen, enter the admin password and click on OK.
  • After that, select whether you are using the host system or a workstation PC.
  • Lastly, wait till the company file repairs as the Connection diagnostic tool may take some time.

Steps to Setup Connection Diagnostic tool in QuickBooks

Below we have mentioned all the steps that you need to follow to set up the Connection Diagnostic Tool:

  • Firstly, click on the QuickBooks desktop icon.
  • Then, you don’t have to open the corrupted file instantly.
  • Navigate to the UtilitiesRepair fileNetwork problems.
  • Click on Yes to allow collecting the personal information related to QuickBooks and its data. Your information is already provided in the pop-up message that doesn’t display.
  • Go to the folder that stored your company file and open the one that is affected.
  • Now, select the Show Advanced settings options, and a list of items in a drop-down will appear on your screen.
  • After that, select the issue that you are facing.
  • Then, enter the valid QB login ID and Password and choose the QB connection diagnostic tool.
  • Wait till the time diagnoses complete, and your company file is fixed.
  • Once your file is repaired, re-open it and continue with the work.

How To Use The Connection Diagnostic Tool For QuickBooks?

Below we have listed the following via which you can try using Intuit QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool:

  1. Diagnose Connection Tab: It allows you to check the system setup and assures that you can use the company file on any other system, whether it is a single-user mode or a multi-user mode. Such errors may pop up if you do not have proper permissions or the ports or if your system firewall is blocked.
  2. Firewall Status: It will inform you about the basic instructions of the system firewall.
  3. Test Connectivity: It will help you diagnose and scan the connectivity of your computer system.

Steps you must Follow to Test Computer’s Connectivity

  • Firstly, search for your company file by clicking on the icon near the Company File field.
  • Try using the Linux system when the network setup is available in Alternate mode. Besides, you must also select the Change Hosting Server checkbox.
  • Before you begin the connectivity test, ensure that every status appears as “Not Applicable” in blue. 
  • Once you run the test, the status should appear in green that signifies no threats are found, whereas red denotes threat.
  • Now, press the Test Connectivity option.
  • If the file’s open status displays as Red, it means the test has failed, and the Advanced section would show all the places that were checked.
  • For better understanding, click on the option “what do these mean?
  • Once the issue is fixed, run the diagnostic tool to find out if more issues are present.
  • When the process ends successfully, repeat the steps as mentioned above on all computers that have QuickBooks.
  • The diagnostic tool may take some time to complete and fix any possible issues. It solely depends on the network speed and the company file’s size.


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