7 Ways Shopify Custom Development Facilitates Business Growth

The eCommerce industry has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. The adoption rate of online stores and eCommerce stores is higher than ever before. With a growing number of eCommerce stores, the competition is getting tougher and it is forcing the eCommerce players to change their strategies significantly. If you are running a Shopify store, you must pay attention to Shopify custom development as it can help you overcome many real-world challenges effectively.

A competent Shopify development agency not only helps you find the drawbacks of your platform but can also devise futureproof strategies to overcome them. You can notice a huge diversity in the features and functionalities of Shopify stores these days. Everyone is focused on making their online stores unique and user-friendly for better business results. Today we will explore the seven ways Shopify custom development can help you achieve your business goals.

How Shopify Custom Development agency help your business growth?

Having a Shopify development agency by your side can become a great advantage for your business. The Shopify experts know all ins-and-outs of building successful online stores, so hire a Shopify custom development expert for your business today. Below are seven ways a Shopify expert can help your eCommerce business:-

Optimizing the website for speed and performance

The speed and performance of your store are crucial for its success. Therefore, hiring a Shopify Custom Development agency becomes essential if your store is not performing well. When you have an expert Shopify developer by your side, he helps you identify the loopholes hampering the performance. 

Your users will never convert to slow or underperforming stores. There are many website components like images, page structure, and more that you can optimize for performance. Therefore, you can hire an experienced developer to implement such changes.

Adding tailored analytical tools to measure performance

Keeping a constant watch on the performance of your business is essential to formulate winning strategies. You can never keep your eCommerce business on a progressive track without having substantial data about its performance. Leads, sales, type of customers, best selling products are just a few factors that decide the success of your business.

Custom Shopify development teams will help you integrate the best analytical tools. If you are unhappy with existing solutions, they can even build a custom tool unique to your business. Apart from your performance, keeping a watch on the competition is vital too because it helps you get crucial insights for the winning measures.

Optimising the user journey for more sales

ECommerce is paying a lot of attention to making user journeys better and better. It has been seen that more than 80% of store owners fail to offer a frictionless experience thus facing a high rate of cart abandonment. If you wish to avoid high cart abandonment, hire a Shopify developer today!

There are lots of ways to ease the user journey and only an expert can help you make it better using his experience and skills. The most common solutions that you can apply for it are minimizing the use of forms, updating product quantities using a cart page, one-click checkout and more.

Adding custom payment and shipping methods

Lack of sufficient mode of payments and shipping is among the primary reasons behind the low performance of Shopify stores. If you use the default payment and shipping gateways, you are missing a good chunk of revenue. Shopify doesn’t offer all popular payment options preferred by users worldwide. The absence of a multi-currency feature can also turn into a hurdle, especially while dealing with a global user base.

Similarly, the default shipping payment gateways don’t support all the locations. So, it will be better to integrate custom shipping and payment methods in your store to facilitate the users. It will help you get more sales, thus uplifting your overall revenues.

Integrating multi-lingual functionality for increased reach

Online business means that your product offerings are not limited to specific geographical or political boundaries. However, most of the Shopify store owners fail to make a positive impact with it due to a lack of multi-lingual functionalities. In the absence of such features, the users are unable to access your offerings in local languages. 

On the other hand, if you offer such functionality, users can develop trust in your store, plus it can increase your audience dramatically. There are a lot of third-party Shopify apps available;e to achieve this feature, but we will still recommend hiring a Shopify custom development expert for favorable results.

Making your store responsive to mobile users

According to recent studies, more than 80% of users prefer to shop from online stores using their mobile devices. Does that sound alarming if your store is not mobile responsive? Don’t worry! You still have time to overcome it. 

Hire a professional Shopify developer today to help you make your store responsive. It will help to cater a great browsing experience to mobile users, thus increasing the chances of sales in your store. You can also consider building a mobile app for your store.

Driving Organic traffic through optimisation for SEO

Organic traffic is the oxygen for any online store. No matter what platform you use, it is hard to achieve the reputation and results you desire without organic traffic. Moreover, organic traffic can save thousands of dollars that you need to spend on advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

If you wish to get organic traffic on your Shopify store, you can optimize your store for SEO. Not sure how to do it? Well, just hire a competent Shopify developer, and he will do it all for you. He will help you optimize the store component to achieve a higher search ranking, thus benefitting your business with organic traffic.


These are a few ways Shopify custom development experts can help your business grow and succeed. Though there are lot more ways to get good results with your eCommerce business, you can kick start the process with these seven most crucial factors for any online business. Always hire Shopify developers from any of the reputed Shopify development agencies only. It will help you get professional results while ensuring that your stores are in safe hands. 

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