What Are The 5 Best SEO Methods for Small Online Businesses?

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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization there are almost as many myths and misinformation about the best SEO methods as there are proven techniques that help improve your ranking. What makes it even more complicated is that many of the myths cannot be confirmed or disproved, simply because search engine algorithms are kept very secret and all the factors that are taken into account when crawling a search are not known sites. After all, the uncertainty about algorithms really helps the rapid growth of myths, rumors, and speculation.

Best SEO Practices

Top 3 SEO Myths are-

1. “Backlinks with no-follow are useless”

The no-follow tag was introduced by Google in 2005, as an attempt to reduce link spam, clearly stating that Google Bot will not follow links with that tag, nor transfer PageRank or anchor text through these links. . Simply put, links that have the no-follow attribute will not help to get your site ranked, which makes these links seem useless and unimportant in the eyes of many, but

However, since the no-follow tag was introduced many things have changed, such as the fact that many authoritative sites add no-follow attribution for each of their exit links (eg Wikipedia, YouTube, and Digg).

Google may differentiate between these no-follow links, although no-follow links may not be taken into account as a ranking factor. Search engines like Yahoo! don’t care if the link is labeled “no-follow” or not. Also, links with no-follow are not useless is the simple fact that these links will still refer visitors to your real site, and they could turn out to be repeat readers or even customers.  In conclusion, backlinks with no-follow can benefit your website in terms of visitors, even though they cannot influence search engine rankings.

SEO Myths

2. Sites get ranking according to PageRank

The PageRank of a domain is negligible. What matters is not the PageRank of the site, but how well they are indexed in search engines. PageRank is an overestimated figure that has lost importance in recent years, as search algorithms became more advanced and many more complex ranking factors were added, such as domain authority and link popularity of specific pages that influence the ranking of a site.

Proof of this theory can be found by doing some Google searches to see that lower PageRank pages outperform high PageRank sites quite often. Another fact about PageRank that should be mentioned is that the “Official PageRank” you can see on the toolbar is not the actual PageRank Google uses in its algorithms. The official is only a frequent update 3-4 times a year, that is, according to Google only one of the more than 200 signals can affect the way your site is crawled, indexed, and classified.

In conclusion, a site’s PageRank is just one sign, plus many others, that affects how a site ranks. The PageRank of a site that is displayed on the toolbar is not exactly the metric Google uses.

Many website owners try to reduce your outbound links to a slight minimum or don’t even link to other sites at all, in fear of lowering your own PageRank. In reality, links to other sites absolutely do not lower PageRank, and doing it the right way will benefit your own ranking.

Attempting to hog all of PageRank by not having outbound links is absolutely ineffective, as it could reduce user experience and look unnatural to Google. Whenever content is created for a site, try to get into the perspective of your visitor who is looking for the specific information and includes links to external sources, as long as you think a visitor will benefit from it. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking will help you see your website from the point of view of a person who is looking for as much information on a given topic as possible and help you satisfy visitors.

In conclusion, it could be said that linking to external sites will not raise your search engine positioning to heaven, but it will have some positive effects if it is linked to relevant and quality sites. The only sites that should not be linked are spam, banned, or malicious sites. Also, it’s important to make sure you don’t link to a dozen completely separate sites within one article.

Each myth is based on personal opinions and so is my attempt to expose the aforementioned myths. No person would be able to put all the existing myths into search engine optimization with 100% accuracy, simply because there is no precise understanding of the way algorithmic search engines operate these days and the great importance that algorithm different ranking factors that are renewed very often.

Best Methods for SEO

Do you know how to start an online marketing business? Do you want your competitors to perceive you as fierce competition? Do you want to steal their customers away from them? Do you want to consistently receive traffic on your site? The following SEO methods will help your site rise to the occasion and leave the competition struggling behind to catch up:

1.    Content Marketing

You need to produce content that is not as heavy on the keywords as it is on quality. You may add keywords here and there, but filling a 500-word article with unnecessary keywords will result in a poor page rank. Do not fill the content with jargon or meaningless words, but with information, people can understand and use.

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2.    Guest Blogger

Find bloggers who share the same interest as you. Ask them if you can post content on their site, similar to theirs, as a guest blogger. This enables you to link back the blog post back to your website. This way you will get free exposure. You can even become a regular guest blogger on the blog owner’s page.

3.    Anchor Text

When you create a post, you insert anchor text in it, which links the content back to your website. Anchor text always plays an important role in establishing an effective SEO strategy that works. In your anchor text, include keywords or phrases.

4.    Google Authorship

Anything that is part of the mega search giant Google is sure to yield good results. If you want your business to become well-known, open a Google plus account. Google authorship lets people access your content that is widespread on the internet.

People who for instance need the service of the realtor can not only read the post you posted on Facebook but can access all the content you produced and published over the years. Additionally, Google Authorship helps you gain fame, popularity, and recognition due to your picture being featured below the search result.

5.    Social Media Channels

Many small and large businesses are using social media for promotion. They have jumped on the social media bandwagon and have established accounts on popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Small businesses can use keywords to optimize their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Having an account and publishing sales pitches is not enough to make your business popular. They need to interact with people that follow them and like them.

These are some of the best SEO Methods that will help you to generate traffic on your blogs. For more info and the latest on-going in the industry visit us and keep connected.

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