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Ultimate Tips to Hire a WordPress Developer

Hire A WordPress developer is something eCommerce businesses can simply not do without. It helps you manage websites, add and plan when to use plugins, and carry out more planned blogging.

Whether it’s writers who love to share a blog post every once in a while or eCommerce businesses that need to generate content on a regular basis, developers are what they all depend on. WordPress developers use the WordPress creation tool to design and implement websites for businesses.

They are in charge of both front-end and back-end development, as well as the application of plugins and themes. Their aim is to design user-friendly, appealing websites that adhere to customer requirements.

You need a thorough understanding of front-end programming languages, a keen sense of aesthetics, and strong content management abilities to succeed as a WordPress developer. In the end, a top-notch developer can produce appealing, user-friendly websites that properly match the client’s design and functionality requirements.

In other words, WordPress developers can handle the more complex aspects of building and maintaining a WordPress site that the common user simply lacks the knowledge or time to handle themselves.

It can be challenging to know where or how to start getting the knowledge and expertise required to create a career as a full-time professional or part-time freelancer in this industry, given the diversity to hire a WordPress developers.

Why Should You Hire Instead Of Outsourcing?

Many organizations now rely on developers to customize, optimize, and offer technical help for their WordPress websites if something goes wrong.

A talented developer can elevate a WordPress website and set it out from a sea of competing websites that use the same designs and SEO tactics.

Where, though, can you discover skilled WordPress developers? And how can you effectively evaluate their abilities and moral character before they accept the position?

In this article, we’ll explain how to locate and recruit a fantastic WordPress developer, including how to find candidates and what to look for in a résumé and interview questions.

Having a WordPress developer on staff has a variety of advantages, including:

  • The freedom to modify your website whatever you choose without having to rely on pre-made themes
  • Thorough knowledge of user experience and how to guide site visitors to the areas they need to go
  • Having access to ongoing technical help so you don’t have to wait if something significant goes wrong with your website

There are several things to watch out for when searching for the appropriate prospect. Here are some things to be on the lookout for when you do your search, from a candidate’s technical background on their résumé to how they perform in a series of skills tests.

Tips To Hire The Right Candidate:

It’s essential to evaluate a WordPress developer’s talents before hiring them, whether you want to work with a freelancer or an employee. Many people lie about their skills and abilities and embellish their resumes.

If they genuinely possess the aptitude and technical abilities required for the position, hiring tests can help reveal this. These types of tips and many more are compiled here. We have not only tested but analyzed the developer’s interview process thoroughly. So scroll below and find out!

1) Use Social Media As Your Human Resource Tool

Whether it’s a matter of finding a wordpress developer, or a content writer, social media is always the best way. You can find skilled developers on Linkedin. Look for someone who has advertised their work on social media as well.

Many people might claim to know wordpress, but only a few can meet your business’s requirements. HR specialists in this field have also emerged as a result of the expansion of social media and social media recruiting.

Because social media and enterprise recruiting initiatives work hand in hand, social media platforms increasingly provide organizations with recruitment tools and capabilities. Additionally, HR professionals can manage, improve, and assist their social media recruitment efforts using third-party tools.

2) Writing A Good Job Description

Not until you outline the skills you need from a candidate can they offer you their services. But writing good job descriptions goes beyond that. You have to be specific with what type of website services you want, whether the work is from scratch or it is a teamwork situation.

A job description is more than a generic listing of skills, it’s the opportunity to demonstrate what you’re looking for in a web developer. Write a detailed profile of your ideal candidate, ensuring you include all the relevant information. Ensure that each section is clear and concise so it can be easily understood by anyone reading it.

When hiring a WordPress developer, the most important thing is to be clear with them in the job description. Make sure they are aware of what you need and how they can assist you. Don’t be vague – explain explicitly what you want, it will make finding a good fit much easier.

Moreover, the salary expectation is an important factor that one should highlight when writing a job description.

The task of making sure websites appear attractive and work properly falls to a web developer. Web developers work with graphic and website designers, track website traffic, address issues as they come up, and upgrade websites as needed.

3) AI-based Tests For Shortlisting Candidates

These are a wide range of tests your company should conduct if they’re searching for a skilled and expert developer. Now you can make these tests different for each candidate if the response is very low.

However, usually, the tests are standard, and the skill assessment is always based on these. What we advise is to use AI software so you don’t have to worry about assessment. The software will shortlist and put candidates in boxes itself.

Hardcover book printing is one business that uses this technique when hiring. Companies are increasingly using skill tests to confirm a candidate’s aptitudes before making a job offer.

An easy method to level the playing field, improve the candidate experience, and make hiring decisions based on merit is to administer skill tests. The employment procedure for many businesses now fully incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Digital voice assistants, resume parsers, and chatbots are all using AI to boost talent acquisition, from organizing video interviews to collecting resumes.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, hire a wordpress developer isn’t easy, but you can make it straightforward. All you have to do is call on the right type of candidates, advertise the job offer and test them. We are stressing more about the importance of tests because, without them, you might be wasting a candidate’s time and the business’s time as well.

When hiring a developer for your website, there are some important things you should consider. There are so many great websites that use WordPress and it’s hard to know where to start when looking through the options. If they have all the features you need, but still didn’t meet your quality standards then you will have wasted your money. So avoid this by following these tips and hiring a professional who understands all your requirements

The world of web development has changed drastically over the years. With technology advancing and companies relying more on online presence, it has become essential for business owners to use the right tools and techniques for their company. You cannot expect a high quality website or an impressive marketing campaign if you are not well aware of the best practices that are required to operate like a professional. However, hire a WordPress developer is not always easy because there are many different factors to consider before approaching a particular provider.

Using the right tools and techniques is essential for any company, whether you operate online or not. Fortunately, there are numerous web development companies available online that can help in setting up everything. All you need to do is to find the right one.

This is our guide about hire a WordPress developer, Stay connected with Digital Crews.

The Reasons Why SaaS Startups Fail And How To Prevent Them?


A SaaS startup is a company that offers software as a service. This means that the company offers an online application to customers, who can access it from different devices and locations.

In this blog, we will Reasons Why SaaS Startups Fail?

The idea behind SaaS startups is that you can provide your software to many more people if they don’t need to install it on their own computers. And because you don’t have to worry about installation, updates, or maintenance, your software will be able to grow faster than if it was only available in a traditional way.

But still, failure is common among SaaS startups. There could be Reasons Why SaaS Startups, But Why? 

Let’s find out…

Why Do SaaS Startups Fail?

A SaaS startup fails if it is not able to generate enough revenue. It also fails if it is not able to sustain its operations and keep up with the competition.

Other than that, there are many more reasons why a SaaS startup fails. 

One of the most significant factors is that they do not have enough capital to get started. They can’t afford to hire the right people and don’t have enough money to market themselves. SaaS startups might also fail because they have low customer retention rates. This may be due to the fact that their product isn’t as good as it could be, or it may be because customers can’t find what they need on the website. Moreover, several enterprises such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are offering their software applications even as SaaS apps. This means that these companies offer software solutions but also compete with smaller SaaS startups with their Progressive Web App (PWA) services. This widespread adoption of PWA has limited the chances of a budding enterprise competing with an existing multinational corporation. 

But that’s not all. There are also several other reasons why SaaS Startups fail during their initial days. 

Some of the top reasons for SaaS startups to fail and how to prevent them from happening to your startup, are included below:

1. There is a lack of focus on maintaining the startup

The first reason for an SaaS startup to fail is lack of focus, or too many different products that compete with each other. While this may seem like it would give your business an advantage, in fact it makes it very difficult to get new customers and keep them as customers. You need to decide on a single product you want to build and then ensure that everything else works off of that product. If you have too many products, you will be working on several different things simultaneously and not getting anything done efficiently or effectively.

2. The planning process of your startup is inefficient

The second reason that SaaS startups fail is poor planning. Many software development services providers underestimate how much work it takes to create a successful SaaS business and do not properly plan how they will get their business launched and growing before they start developing any tools or software for their business model. If there are no plans in place for what needs to be done next, then there will be little chance for success when

User adoption is the easiest way to measure the success of your product. You will not make any money if users don’t adopt your SaaS.

So how can businesses get their customers to use it?

  • Make it easy for them to get started with your software.
  • Don’t overwhelm them with too much information or options at once.
  • Always be offering a trial period (if possible).
  • Ensure they can get support easily and efficiently if they have questions or problems while using the software.
  • Offer a free trial period so they can try it out before purchasing anything.

3. It is hard to get customers in the beginning

You will have to convince them that your product is worth their money. You need to be able to explain how your product solves their problems, and you need to show them how it will make their lives easier.

4. You don’t have a clear vision of your company or product

You first need to figure out what your product is and what it should be in the future. If you don’t have a clear vision of what your company will look like in three years, then you’re not going to succeed.

5. You don’t fully understand the market for your product

This is especially important if you’re just starting out and don’t have any customers yet, but it’s also important if you’ve been around for a while and want to grow your business. Do some research into what people are buying online and what they’re looking for, and see if there’s an opportunity there for something similar or better than what already exists on the market today.


It’s not easy to build a successful SaaS company. Many factors go into the success of a SaaS startup, but if you follow these steps, you’re more likely to succeed.

1) Find out what users really want and always keep them updated with new features.

2) Build a product that people need. Understand the market demands for the future and not just the current scenario.

3) Focus on the customer experience and user interface. Aim to provide customer support and assistance with your software solutions.

These are the three most important things that every entrepreneur must follow in order to build a successful startup. Moreover, you will need to have an idea that is valuable and addressable, and also the right team because a team can make or break your business.

This is our guide about Reasons Why SaaS Startups fail to know more interesting updates visit Digital Crews.

Author Bio

Ricky Philip 1

Ricky Philip is an industry expert and a professional writer working at ThinkPalm Technologies. He works with a focus on understanding the implications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, SDN/NFV, cloud analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) services. He is also a contributor to several prominent online publishing platforms such as DZone, HubSpot, and Hackernoon.

Steps For Perfect Wedding Photographs

What is Wedding Photography?

For most couples, this may sound an odd question to ask, most would answer that wedding photography is the kind of photography done during weddings. That is partly correct. But that oversimplifies the meaning of wedding photography. The art of elopement photographer has changed tremendously in the past twenty years. Today it may even have a different meaning for each couple. Let’s explore some steps for perfect wedding photographs.

In the past, wedding photographers are technicians behind a black box almost mystical that very few would even try to operate it. Back then, wedding couples are hiring wedding photographers to produce wedding pictures of their big day. It is to simply record the event. And the one they chose might be doing six weddings a day.

Here is a Guide to Photographic Methods

The good thing about the Internet is it makes it easy to research the work of a big number of wedding photographers. Check some photographers’ websites and you will be amazed by the different photographic styles.

Reportage photography is also known as documentary or photojournalism photography; it is best described to have an approach which simply covers and documents the event without directing the wedding couple or its guests. Instead it tries to capture the event as it happens in the most natural and creative way possible.

Traditional wedding photography is used to describe the old-fashioned way of lining up the wedding couple, their guests, and family for traditional photos.

Contemporary elopement photographer can be described as glossy which can be trendier than traditional wedding photography.

My humble advice is to look beyond the labels of wedding photography. It can be more confusing than being helpful in deciding which kind of wedding photography suits you as a wedding couple. Another reason is that the style often is a combination of several photography styles anyway. Third, it implies that wedding photographers offer just one style of photography during their wedding coverage.

In reality, weddings offer a chance for wedding photographers to show different photography styles. Wedding photographers sometimes just can’t ask the couple. To move to a spot where there is a better light during the wedding ceremony. Also, it is quite often that couples expect to have formal photographs which show them at their best. Even the most modern weddings will require having traditional and formal family shots.

Choosing Your Photographer

For couples, the best way would be to decide which wedding photographer is right for you is to decide together what kind of wedding pictures you expect You may want something traditional which means you like a professional account of the wedding day without having too much interruptions.

You may be a photography enthusiast as well, and desire to have a creative set of wedding pictures. You may be looking at high end and contemporary photography style.

Once you both as a couple decide on what type of wedding photographs you desire. You can start examining different galleries of photography for quality. Be warn that galleries represent the best work of photographers, so it is quite important to see a sample of a whole wedding to be sure of consistency.

Awards of excellence can help you decide which photographer could be best suited for your wedding. A membership to well know professional body is also something to consider.

Budgeting For Photography

There is no such thing as an appropriate budget for weddings. What can be more helpful is the percentage in terms of value to the total wedding cost.

Professional wedding photography will be what will define the memories of your wedding day. You are going to entrust a photographer to use his skills to document your wedding as if it was taken through your eyes. Discuss with your wedding planner what you think is the best budget for your wedding photography. A good wedding planner would be able to help you with the right budget and if you need to allocate more to get the kind of photography you desire.

Traditional (or Posed) Wedding Photography

A lot of people think of traditional wedding photography. As endless stuffy group photos where everyone looks stiff as a board. Worse still, the different collections of people seem to go on forever. I think there is a fashion to be down on traditional wedding photography, but the actual working framework is still the same for most wedding photographers. The photographs may be more stylish but the actual experience on the day for the bride and groom is very similar.

Reportage Wedding Photography (Wedding Photojournalism)

If traditional is all about posed photographs, then reportage wedding photography is the opposite. It relies on capturing moments as they happen, and is more like a fly-on-the-wall documentary. This form of wedding photography means that the photographer. Spends most of his time in the background, and so has become increasingly popular with couples. Weddings are also increasingly less formal than they used to be. Documentary wedding photography demands a different skill set from traditional wedding photography so you have to make sure that your photographer has the correct photographic background and can show you full weddings to back this up.

Vintage Wedding Photography

It is a style that has been coming into vogue recently, but in lots of ways, it’s a hard one one to quantify. Vintage can mean anything from using old film cameras during some of the weddings to just a different approach. To post-production to produce ‘vintage’ looking digital files. There are some great photographers out there, but bear in mind. That if you are receiving files that are heavily edited in a certain style, you run the risk of your photos looking rather dated a few years later. If I was hiring a vintage style photographer, I personally would want at least some of the wedding shot on film, I’m not a huge fan of faking things. As always ask questions, see examples and make an informed decision.

Editorial Wedding Photography

This wedding genre is inspire by the fashion editorials of glossy magazines. At it’s best it can produce fantastic high-end images. To produce this successfully on a wedding day the photographer needs to be highly organised, and would probably need an assistant to help set up some of the shots in advance, although that would depend on his or her style. Do your research to make sure that the time requirements for this type of shoot fit in with your plans. If you really like this type of photography but don’t want to devote. Too much time to it on your wedding day, consider booking a separate photo session after the wedding.

Artistic or Fine Art Wedding Photography

Essentially an evolution of traditional wedding photography, this type of photography offers a contemporary take on the traditional set of posed photographs, although these are both terms that have been somewhat overused by the photographic community, so again do your research. At its best, this genre can produce moving romantic images, but some photographers can overuse the same poses, so it can feel a bit impersonal. Ask to see lots of shoots and don’t be afraid to input your own ideas at your pre-wedding meeting. Don’t necessarily think that it all has to be done in one day.

This is our guide to steps for perfect wedding photographs, for more latest updates visit Digital Crews.

Some Healthiest Vegetables | Nutrition & Health benefits


Leafy greens, such as arugula, kale, and chard, are among the world’s most well-known superfoods. They contain few calories while being high in vitamins, fibre, and phytonutrients. Greens are more harmful to your health than you might think.

They can make you look younger and help prevent old age in the form of whole food smoothies, whole food, or organic greens powders! If you still need convincing, keep reading to learn about the numerous advantages of including more greens in your diet. Sildigra 100 MG

Green vegetables are high in vitamins that can help your bones, eyes, teeth, heart, and lungs, as well as naphthoquinone, which allows blood to flow properly.

Green vegetables are also beneficial in cleansing the liver.

Isothiocyanates and indoles — antioxidants containing sulphur that protect against cell damage associated with cancer — are abundant in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, bokchoy, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage.

Green is the best way to boost your health.

Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. But are all of the most beneficial ones green? Discover why green vegetables are so distinctive. Tadalista 60 MG

When you were a child, you might have disliked green vegetables. Eating greens, on the other hand, is one of the most effective ways to keep your body and mind in good shape.
Although all vegetables provide nutritional benefits, they do not all produce equally. That demonstrates that you cannot overpower the greens because of their overall goodness.

What is the secret ingredient that makes green vegetables?

Green vegetables contain a high concentration of chlorophyll, which gives them their green colour. Chlorophyll aids plants in converting sunlight into energy during the photosynthesis process. However, chlorophyll is not only beneficial to plants; it is also beneficial to humans. 


Watercress is a nutritional powerhouse, containing a variety of essential minerals and vitamins, including Vitamins K, C, and calcium. It’s also a high-quality source of phytonutrients, which are plant-derived chemical compounds that have been shown to be beneficial to our health. 

Watercress contains more beta-carotene than an apple and more than twice the daily recommended amount of vitamin K (90mcg). To maintain good vision, our bodies require beta-carotene. In contrast, the antihemorrhagic component is required to prevent clotting and maintain bone health.
Watercress can also help to lower vital signs. It is high in magnesium, calcium, and potassium, three minerals that aid in the elimination of sodium from the body. They continue to dilate the arteries, lowering the force per square.


This hearty leafy vegetable is delicious in a surprising raw salad. To extract as many of the fantastic benefits of kale as possible, it can be lightly sautéed before baking into a vegetable chip. Kale is high in nutrients, has no fat, and has a low calorie count. It’s also high in nutrients in the stems. Iron, fibre, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K are all abundant in kale. Furthermore, antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids help to protect against certain cancers.


Broccoli belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family.
It is high in sulphur, a plant compound called glucosinolate, and one of the byproducts of glucosinolate is sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane was found to reduce size in an animal study. Amount of breast cancerous cells in mice while inhibiting tumour growth

Broccoli consumption can also help to prevent various types of chronic illness. A 2010 animal study found that eating broccoli sprouts may protect the heart from the effects of antioxidant stress by significantly lowering oxygen levels. Broccoli is high in nutrients, in addition to its ability to fight disease.

Raw broccoli provides 116 percent of the daily vitamin K requirement in one cup (91 grammes). 135 percent of daily vitamin C needs, as well as sufficient manganese, potassium, and folate

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts, like broccoli, are members of the Cruciferous vegetable family and contain the same beneficial plant compounds. Kaempferol, an antioxidant found in Brussels sprouts, is particularly good at protecting cells from damage.

In an animal study, kaempferol was found to protect against free radicals. These are dangerous molecules that cause oxidative damage and contribute to chronic illnesses.
Detoxification can also be aided by eating Brussels sprouts.

According to one study, eating Brussels sprouts can increase the levels of certain detoxification-regulating enzymes by 15-30%. It has the potential to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Brussels sprouts are also high in vitamins and minerals. Many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin H, vitamin A, and vitamin C, as well as folate and manganese, are found in each serving.

Green Peas

Peas are a starchy vegetable with more carbs and calories than other starchy vegetables, and they can raise blood sugar levels if consumed in large amounts.
Green peas are a nutrient-dense food.

Green peas cooked contain 9 grams of fibre, 9 grams of protein, and 9 grams of vitamins A, C, K, riboflavin, and niacin in one cup (160 grams).

Peas are high in fibre and can help with digestion. They boost the good bacteria in your gut and encourage regular bowel movements. Peas are also high in saponins, a group of compounds that have been shown to be effective in the fight against cancer. Saponins have been found to be helpful in the fight against cancer.

Health benefits

Numerous studies link the consumption of green and leafy vegetables, as well as the individual nutrients found in abundance in green leafy vegetables, to improved health outcomes.

The main benefit of eating more vegetables is that it lowers the risk of developing disorders and cancer, owing to its antioxidants. Dietary Nitrate, which reduces the force per square inch and is a significant risk factor in an upset, can be found in green leafy vegetables.

The carotid arterial artery has shrunk as a result of nitrate from vegetables. The thickness of an artery could indicate a risk of cardiovascular disease. A thicker carotid artery could indicate atherosclerosis and a higher risk of cardiomyopathy, according to 5 Best Blenders.

The study also suggests that eating green, fibrous, and leafy vegetables lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and disease and development. Polyphenols found in leafy greens are also thought to help with brain health.

Eating foods like vegetables that have fewer calories per cup than more calorie-dense foods as part of a healthy diet can help you lose weight.

A diet high in fruits and vegetables, as part of a well-balanced diet, may lower the risk of heart disease, such as coronary artery disease and stroke.

A diet high in fruits and vegetables, as part of a well-balanced diet, may help protect against a number of cancers.

Fight Belly Bloat

If you have constipation as a result of hormones, diet, or gut infections, as well as other digestive issues. There’s a secret ingredient in leafy greens that might help. Potassium, a mineral and electrolyte abundant in plants, is essential for keeping your body’s fluid balance in check. According to the USDA, a high-sodium diet (often due to an over-reliance on processed foods) can cause or exacerbate bloating. It’s best to keep it under control by eating enough potassium. According to the Dietary Guidelines for 2015-2020, this amounts to around 4,700 mg per day. A cup of cooked spinach contains an incredible 840 mg of potassium. It has an impact on how you express your gratitude for meeting your daily needs. Digital Crews

Winter Essentials | Affordable Revolve Items for a Tight Budget


Winter has arrived, therefore it’s time to wrap yourself in the newest attire suitable for the weather with some winter essentials. The good news is that you can approach the cooler months with flair without having to undergo a major wardrobe makeover. You’ll be poised for sartorial success with a few wise purchases that go with your current wardrobe.

As hard as it appeared at the start of the year, we’ve dragged our way through a better chunk of 2022. Only the remaining few months are still to be completed. This time of year is always a lovely journey, so no significant effort is necessary. The chill in the air has awakened, and the beautiful days are beginning to fade. And, sooner or later, we’ll all be dealing with freezing cold hands, chattering teeth, and goose skin the moment we decide to confront the weather.

As lovely as this frigid period of the year is, nothing can spoil the romance of winter like freezing to death. Excuse the hyperbole, but while you might not develop Hypothermia, aren’t winters so much more enjoyable when you’re all snuggled up in the cosiest of clothes? And if these warm garments also happen to match the newest winter fashions, then, talk about frosting on the cake! Consider it completed; we are at your disposal!

When the chilly season hits, opening that box marked “Winter Clothes” or emptying that garbage bag of scrunched-up sweaters is anything but inspiring. However, you don’t have to rush out and spend all of your money on brand-new things. Take a fresh look for your worn-out coat and gloves with these easy modifications you can make yourself or buy on the cheap.

After sifting through piles of jackets, sweaters, coats, and shrugs, we were able to choose the best of the bunch and construct a look book exclusively for you. So, let’s stop chattering and get started with your winter wardrobe must-haves for 2022-23!


  1. LEATHER JACKET: You’ll be surprised by how many various looks you can put together using a PU leather jacket that is always in style. It’s unquestionably an item that you can wear all year long. It will elevate your look to a more upscale level whether you’re wearing it to work or on the weekends. Throw it over a little dress and heels in the summer, or wear it with jeans and boots in the winter. In no time at all, you’ll be channeling your inner off-duty model.
  2. PUFFER JACKET: It might be challenging to dress stylishly when the weather turns chilly. Bring on many layers that can be changed as the day progresses. Of all the layers, a regular puffer is our favorite. You can throw it over practically any dress and leave the house. Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, walking the dog, or running errands. Dress it up with a pretty top and high-waisted jeans, or wear it over your favorite activewear and sneakers for a casual-chic look.
  3. WHITE DENIM PANTS:  The white denim pant is a winter must. They’ll provide you with a lot of value for your money because of the adaptable straight leg that suits all body types. Trousers shouldn’t feel constricting or uncomfortable because they are light and breathable while still offering some warmth. Dress them up for a night out with a long-sleeved crop top and stylish shoes, or dress them down for a cozy breakfast or winter beach walks with a soft knit sweater and sneakers.
  4. LONGLINE PUFFER JACKET: Having trouble getting out of bed on chilly mornings? The puffer jacket is a close second. It is a stylish and sophisticated addition to your winter wardrobe that, most importantly, will keep you warm on chilly mornings or evenings thanks to its long length. For a casually stylish appearance, wear it unzipped with your favorite pair of jeans and boots. For a night out, dress it up by putting it on with a knit midi dress and pointed-toe boots.
  5. SWEATER DRESS: In the cold, you will enjoy wearing a sweater dress. Pair it with tights and boots or booties for a beautiful and easy appearance. Wear it to work, church, on a dinner date, or out to lunch with the girlfriends. Under your sweater dresses, I recommend wearing a slip. It allows them to skim the body rather than cling to lumps and bumps, and it also keeps them from adhering to your tights.
  6. SCARVES: One frequently asked question during this time of year is, “Are scarves in vogue this year?” Let me tell you that scarves as an accessory category will never go out of style, but scarf styles will come and go. A winter scarf is always acceptable as a cold weather accessory, and it’s also a terrific way to add flair to your winter essentials. Beautiful scarves may be found at almost any price range, although wool and merino are often the warmest fabrics. If you’re allergic to wool, you can choose Cotton flannel or a polyester fleece scarf.

Here are a few hacks to level up your already existing winter essentials:

  • Likely, guys have already spent this season’s money on a fantastic pair of winter boots or shoes. Now experiment with different colored and patterned laces. This is a fantastic style and a really affordable way to add a splash of color.
  • Deep, dark denim is a winter essential, but after rummaging through the same stack of nearly similar jeans for about a month, it can get boring. Change things up by straying from your preferred color palette. Try lighter jeans or an acid wash. It may be entertaining to wear it with a bulky sweater and dark fur boots.
  • Men can easily stand out in the winter by purchasing a few inexpensive lapel ornaments to add interest to a plain old blazer. Use an old pair of cufflinks again, or think outside the box and use an intricate lapel ornament. You can combine two or three of them, and you should choose something adaptable so that it works with a variety of outfits.
  • Keep warm by donning a distinctive outfit like a cloak or poncho. No, they’re not quite appropriate for the workplace, but they’re great for weekends when you can experiment with your wardrobe.
  • Consider using other materials, such as cashmere, to modernize the traditional skull cap for men. Don’t be put off by the fancy name. It won’t cost you a fortune and will keep you warmer. Additionally, it will last for many years and ultimately save you more money.
  • Shop at discount accessory hotspots like Forever 21 and secondhand stores for gloves in vibrant hues or patterns.
  • With a cute brooch or pin, you can liven up any drab coat or scarf. Try searching through your mother’s or grandmother’s old jewelry box if you really want something special.
  • Nobody likes having hat hair, but having a lifeless, woolen glob on top of your head only makes it worse for women. With a brooch, some buttons, or a lovely ribbon, you can jazz up an old beanie or hat. Winter is your chance to wear hats, which can make you appear chic and smart.

Fashion surpasses all seasons and reigns supreme yesterday, today, and every single day. Stay in fashion with our insightful fashion blogs and you can thank us later.


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Best Digital Marketing Online Course


Digital marketing is the process of using online channels to promote and sell products or services. It involves the use of various digital tools and platforms to reach and engage customers. Digital marketing is a relatively new concept and is constantly evolving. As more businesses move online, they need to find new ways to reach their target audiences. Digital marketing provides them with an opportunity to do just that.

There are many different aspects to digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Each of these plays a role in getting your business seen by potential customers online. If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, this complete online course is a great place to start. It covers all the basics of each digital marketing channel, so you can get a well-rounded understanding of how they work together.

The different types of digital marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

The best online courses in digital marketing

The best digital marketing online course are those that provide a comprehensive overview of the subject matter. They should cover all the major aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. The courses should also be interactive and engaging, with plenty of real-world examples and case studies. And they should be taught by experienced instructors who are experts in their field.

The different types of digital marketing include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The process of optimizing a website for Google search with the goal of earning higher web traffic levels and improving the visibility of the site.

Content Marketing: A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Social Media Marketing: The process of using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to build relationships with potential and current customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): A type of paid digital marketing where businesses running ads are only charged when their ad is clicked by an internet user.

Email Marketing: The use of email to promote content, products, or services while building relationships with potential customers.

Affiliate Marketing: A type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing is the process of using electronic devices to promote your product or service. A digital marketing strategy is the overall game plan that you use to achieve your desired results. It includes everything from your targeting and messaging to your distribution channels and budget.

Your digital marketing strategy should be tailored to your specific business goals. For example, if you’re trying to increase brand awareness, you’ll need a different strategy than if you’re trying to increase sales. And if you’re selling a physical product, you’ll need a different strategy than if you’re selling a digital product.

To create a successful digital marketing strategy, you’ll need to do four things:

1. Set your goals

2. Research your audience

3. Choose your channels

4. Create content that converts

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps.

The benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target audience. It allows you to communicate with them directly, and in a way that they are most likely to consume. Additionally, digital marketing is very cost-effective, and can be scaled to reach a large audience quickly and easily.

Some of the benefits of digital marketing include:

  • You can reach your target audience directly: Digital marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience directly, without having to go through intermediaries. This makes it much more efficient and effective than traditional marketing channels.
  • It is cost-effective: Digital marketing is very cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional marketing channels. You can reach a large audience quickly and easily, without having to spend a lot of money.
  • It is scalable: Digital marketing can be scaled to reach a large audience quickly and easily. This makes it an ideal option for businesses of all sizes.
  • You can track results: With digital marketing, you can track the results of your campaigns quickly and easily. This allows you to adapt and improve your campaigns over time, making them more effective.

The skills you need for a successful career in digital marketing

There are numerous skills that you need in order to have a successful career in digital marketing. Some of the most important skills include:

  • The ability to use various digital marketing tools and platforms.
  • The ability to create compelling and effective marketing campaigns.
  • The ability to track and measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns.
  • The ability to analyze data and make decisions based on data analytics.
  • The ability to think creatively and come up with new ideas for marketing campaigns.
  • The ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

What Makes a Good Digital Presence

A strong digital presence is essential for any business that wants to succeed in the modern world. There are a few key elements that all businesses should keep in mind when developing their online presence. First, it’s important to have a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and looks professional. Your website should be updated regularly with fresh content, and it should be optimised for search engines so potential customers can easily find you.

Second, you need to be active on social media. Create profiles on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and post engaging content regularly. Make sure you respond promptly to any comments or queries left by your followers. Third, it’s worth investing in some form of online advertising. Platforms like Google AdWords can be very effective in driving traffic to your website and help you reach your target audience.

Finally, remember that your digital presence is not just about promoting your business – it’s also about building relationships with your customers. Use your online channels to create a two-way conversation and give your customers a positive experience every time they interact with you. strong digital presence can help you establish your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you’re not convinced that you need a digital presence, consider these four points. By establishing a digital presence, you’ll be able to reach more consumers, build stronger relationships with them, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Why You Need a Digital Presence

Here are four reasons why having a digital presence is essential for businesses in the modern age:

  • An increasing number of consumers are spending time online.
  • A digital presence can help you reach a wider audience more cost-effectively than traditional marketing channels.
  • You can use digital channels to build relationships with potential and current customers.
  • A u can use digital channels to build relationships with potential and current customers.
  • A strong digital presence can help you establish your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


The Best Digital Marketing Online Course is a great way to learn everything you need to know about digital marketing. The course covers a wide range of topics, from social media marketing to search engine optimization, and it’s taught by expert instructors who are passionate about helping students succeed. If you’re serious about starting or growing a career in digital marketing, this course is an excellent place to start.

What is Digital Media Marketing & What are it’s Types?

As the world is advancing, the way companies are marketing their products and services is also changing rapidly. Digital Media Marketing is evolving as the latest method of marketing among small-scale and large-scale businesses. This article will have a look at what is digital media marketing and what are different types of the digital media marketing helps a business in becoming the best. 

What is Digital Media Marketing?

Any form of marketing that utilizes an electronic means of communication and conveys promotional messages about different products and services and measures their impacts is known as digital media marketing. 

Digital Media Marketing Types

In practical terms, digital media marketing refers to structured marketing campaigns that convey promotional messages to customers via their phones, tablets, computers etc. Some examples of digital media marketing include online videos, digital ads, search engine optimization, social ads, and social media posts etc. 

Sometimes, digital media marketing is also compared to the traditional approaches to marketing such as newspaper ads, ads displayed on billboards etc. 

As a result of digital media marketing, brands got an opportunity to connect with potential clients. Over time, digital media marketing has adopted types. Following is a brief explanation of the types of digital media marketing: 

Search Engine Optimization: 

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful digital media marketing tools. In a summary, SEO can be defined as the art of making websites attractive to search engines. 

SEO the digital media marketing type

But SEO is more than just an art, it’s a combination of arts and science. The science part of SEO comes from its research aspect. SEO requires a deep understanding of different digital factors to ensure that the website ranks on the search engine. 

The most crucial factors when it comes to ranking a website on the search engine include 

  • The Quality of the Content on the website
  • User engagement on a website 
  • Mobile optimization of the website 
  • The number and quality of inbound links on the website

Additionally, technical SEO also needs to be implemented to get the best results. Technical SEO deals with the backend components of the website such as the website loading time, the website’s URL structure etc. 

The ultimate goal brands go for SEO is to appear on the first page of google, so that people who are looking for the services you are providing, reach you easily whenever they search on google. 

Content Marketing

As the name suggests, content marketing deals with the quality of content. As discussed above, content quality is one of the most important factors in SEO. So, SEO plays an important role in content marketing. When SEO and content marketing come together, the most relevant content reaches the target audience more efficiently.  

Although the goal of content marketing is similar to the other approaches to marketing, the procedure content marketing follows is different. Unlike using a particular share of the product or service, content marketing does so for free via different forms of content. The main types of content utilized in content marketing are as follows; 

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks
  • White papers 
  • Video/audio content
  • Infographics 

Content marketing may seem less important than other forms of digital media marketing, but statistics show a different perspective: 

  • 84% of the clients look for helpful and entertaining content from the brands 
  • 62% of the companies that have 5,000 employees produce any form of content daily
  • 92% of digital marketers believe that content is an important asset 

Although content marketing is an effective medium for digital media marketing, it can be tricky. Content creators need to understand the tricks and the quality of content needed to rank higher on google. A relevant piece of content can establish strong relationships with the audience and build a strong customer base. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to bringing traffic and brand awareness to the audience by engaging them via social media. Social media marketing is not only limited to the promotion of products and services, a company can also advertise by portraying its culture, and spreading awareness about a particular issue. 

Several social media platforms can be used for social media marketing. Which platform a company uses, depends upon what services and products they intend to provide. Various platforms used in social media marketing are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

SMM the digital media marketing type

Social media marketing has witnessed huge growth in B2C marketing reaching the relevant audience. Over time, social media marketing is also gaining popularity in the B2B domain as well. 

The ultimate goals of social media marketing exceed just generating sales. Many brands use social media marketing to start a dialogue with their customers and keep their customers engaged. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

As the name indicates, pay-per-click is the type of digital media marketing where a company pays every time a person clicks on their ads. The main benefit that comes from pay-per-click is that a company will only pay when someone clicks on their ads instead of paying a set amount for running ads constantly. 

The most common channel of pay-per-click advertising is Google. Every time google identifies a spot on the search results page, it fills the spots with PPC ads. 

Pay per Click PPC the digital media marketing type

However, several factors influence if a particular ad will appear in the top results: 

Quality of the ad 

  • Keyword relevance of the ad content 
  • Quality of the ad landing page 
  • Bidding amount of the ad 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows someone to promote someone else’s business. This type of digital media marketing works on a revenue-sharing model. The person promoting the business gets a share of the revenue generated from each sale that is due to him/her. 

Going for one business or promoting products from multiple businesses completely depends on the affiliate. 

Native Advertising

In native advertising, digital media marketing is done in disguise. The main goal of native advertising is not to make marketing obvious. Native advertising was introduced as a response to the consumer’s reactions towards traditional advertising. 

As customers ignore traditional ads, native advertising provides customers with entertaining and engaging content so that customers can pay attention to the ads. It’s always crucial to put labels such as “sponsored” or “promoted” to make things clear, as native ads are meant to be entertaining but not deceptive. 

Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is somehow like affiliate marketing. Brands get in touch with influencers with huge social media followings and request them to promote their products. The influencers then endorse the products to their followers on social media. 

It is, however, important to get in touch with reputable influencers to present a good image of the brand, a wrong influencer can easily damage the reputation of the brand. 

Usually, influencer marketing is useful for  B2B and B2C brands that are aimed at reaching new audiences. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is automating your marketing efforts. Instead of consuming time on marketing efforts, a company can spend that same time devising effective marketing campaigns to enhance overall efficiency. 

Although marketing automation looks like a luxury that is not crucial for a business to run, it is found to improve customer experience and engagement significantly: 

Here are a few statistics in this regard: 

  • 90% of the customers find personalization in marketing emails and messages appealing
  • 81% of the customers want to understand the brand they engage with 
  • 77% of businesses go for real-time personalization due to its value 

Following are a few benefits of marketing automation: 

  • Marketing automation helps companies to collect and analyze the data related to consumers.
  • Marketing automation helps companies to design marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Send marketing messages to the right consumers at the right time

Email Marketing 

Email marketing straight forward and simple. All a brand needs to do is to send emails to the customers or potential leads and expect a response from them. But it is not as easy as it may seem.

Email Marketing the digital media marketing type

The brand needs to ensure that the email which goes out from them is wanted and required by the customer. Following are a few tips for email marketing: 

  • Personalize and individualize the content in the emails sent to the consumers 
  • Convey clearly what emails a subscriber will receive in future 
  • Always add an email signature, offering an unsubscribe link
  • Maintain a balance of transactional and promotional emails 

Email marketing may not seem appealing, but it can bring amazing results. 89% of the professionals believe that email marketing has brought them the most number of leads. To get the best results out of email marketing, it’s best to incorporate other digital media marketing techniques such as marketing automation. 

Mobile Marketing 

As the name indicates, mobile marketing is the type of digital media marketing which helps to reach the target audience via smartphones and tablets. As per a survey conducted by Pew Research Centre, 85% of people own a smartphone, so an effective mobile marketing strategy can bring more than your expectations. 


Any form of marketing that utilizes an electronic means of communication and conveys promotional messages about different products and services and measures their impacts is known as digital media marketing. There are several types of digital media marketing, ranging from search engine optimization to mobile marketing. 


How can I start digital marketing?

Knowing the basics of digital marketing, starting your channel, learning SEO and getting internships are a few steps that you can take to learn digital marketing. 

Why is digital marketing important? 

Digital marketing is important to connect with customers digitally. 

Who can do digital marketing?

A person with a trusted certification in digital marketing can do digital marketing. 

Is digital marketing easy?

Yes, but mastery of digital marketing requires practice. 

React Native vs Swift Comparison: Which is Best For Your App?


Developers frequently face the challenge of choosing between Swift or React when designing mobile applications. Think about hire swift developer and React Native are two popular emerging technologies that can facilitate the development of mobile apps on mobile devices.

Swift is the latest and most current programming language; however, React Native can support JavaScript. Which one should you pick if you want to develop an innovative app? Check out the React Native vs Swift comparison. Then, you’ll be able to decide which cross-platform frameworks are more effective.

What is Swift Programming?

The most influential tech companies, i.e., Apple, backed up Swift programming language. The language was launched in 2014, and it’s a compiled programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux applications.

Surprisingly, Swift language was primarily designed to replace Objective C, which was earlier developed in the 1980s. App development with Swift gave the developers the option of a much more powerful language to develop iOS applications.

Moreover, Swift gave developers the confidence that the newly launched language is safe, fast, and more expressive. Also, the language is constantly evolving and gaining popularity among clients.

What is React Native?

React Native is a popular open-source framework created by Facebook around 2015. The brownie point of creating a React Native app is that it offers extensive documentation and strong tech support. In the below image shows the popularity of react-Native technology.

React Native vs Swift | How to Decide the Best One for Your App

Maturity and Stability

React Native & hire swift developers are both emerging technologies. Swift was first launched in 2014, and React Native technology was released in 2015. Therefore, it is possible to say that both are better than the previous versions. We love new features with every release.

SWIFT is a messaging network that financial institutions use to securely transmit information and instructions through a standardized system of codes. Although SWIFT has become a crucial part of global economic infrastructure, it is not a financial institution itself: SWIFT does not hold or transfer assets.

React Native is an app-building tool that runs designed explicitly for iOS and doesn’t support the native Swift programming language. React Native is a mediator between the programming platform and. Swift coupled with native app development delivers stunning results for computing and graphics tasks that require lots of computation.

User Interface

Swift is the best option for anyone looking to build an iOS application with graphics, and Swift is more flexible and flexible than React Native.

React Native is a different application but includes the native elements of Javascript Bridge to create an application, while its Swift App blends well with it.


React Native application development uses JavaScript Core to run all code, whereas JavaScript Core is bundled inside the Android application. This could enhance the native capabilities of your device, but it also increases its size: and app and causes delays or performance issues for your mobile.

Swift is a three-tiered architecture: MVVM MV, Clean Viper, and MVVM MV. Viper. These three architectures can be utilized to build apps using Swift. Clean architecture uses Xcode templates to make components. These templates can be easily modified to accommodate the needs of the future.

Contrary to MVC, which uses code, the templates are simple to design and maintain. SwiftUI can be used with Viper, allowing you to segregate simple functions, making them more straightforward for you to maintain and test. This helps speed up application development.

Coding Speed

Swift application development can be simpler to comprehend and more precise than Objective-C and less prone to technical errors and errors. Swift could depart from the predecessor of Objective-C and remove the drawbacks.

React Native is an open-source cross-app framework based on JavaScript, making it easier to develop mobile applications. It’s easy to use and has provided numerous support options since 1995.

Talent Pool

Cross-platform development is not accessible because React Native is something you consider a framework, and Swift is just an actual language. However, it’s possible to conclusively say it is possible to conclude that React Native has an even more extensive community.

Swift is, however, been extremely popular and helpful to the group of native react app developers and has also witnessed an increasing interest.

Learning Curve and Ease of Understanding

React Native application development is compatible with JavaScript, a popular language. React Native can be seamlessly integrated into the development process of developers because JS is the top used programming language.

Any React Native firm that develops apps can assist them in improving their React Native abilities. Swift isn’t difficult to master. However, it will require some practice.

So, Which one is better on the React Native and Swift Development list? Swift Development

Which one is the best option for developing an iOS application? These examples of cross-platform frameworks will help answer this question:

  • Apps that are complicated to use interfaces. Imagine that you have an application for mobile devices that uses numerous resources and features many interactions with users. There are applications for messaging with geolocation to assist you. Swift is the most suitable option as it lets you build sophisticated native applications.
  • Apps that work on a single platform. Swift is advised if you wish to develop a sophisticated and robust application for mobile users.
  • Media players and utilities. Since they utilize native APIs and the other features provided by iOS and iOS, it’s much simpler to develop applications like monitors of batteries or playback players for Swift. Native API development can increase the development time and higher development costs.

Some Last Words

React Native, as opposed to Swift’s development of apps, will depend on various variables, such as the kind of app and the project’s budget. It can differ depending on your preferences. Make sure to do your research before making a choice.

For your app to have a professional appearance, You can engage an experienced React Native app development company and begin the project in the right direction.

Drawbacks of Swift

Does Swift have any serious disadvantages that you should know of? How do they affect the development process and user experience?

Being a relatively new technology, Swift has a long way to go in building a strong community and developing helpful libraries and packages. However, the language has already gained a lot of attention from the mobile app development community and is considered one of the best languages for app development. At the same time, if you choose to go with Swift, you might need to spend more time finding seasoned professionals, especially if we compare React Native vs Swift.

Final words: React Native & Swift

Well, React Native and Swift are both in demand. So, developing an application by choosing either of the platforms might make your app stand out in the market.
You need to connect with a company providing iPhone application development services and ask them to develop your application. They would have experts who can study your application and guide you through development.
Is developing an iOS app on your mind? We provide the best iOS app development services!

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How To Find Paid Speaking Engagements?


Getting paid to speak is a dream for many. It is a great way for you to share your expertise with an audience, build your personal brand and get your name out there so that people know who they can trust when they need help.

But finding paid speaking engagements can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, speaking engagements, there are so many ways to find paid speaking engagements, it’s hard even to know where to start.

Paid Speaking Engagement
Paid Speaking Engagement

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to be successful at finding paid speaking engagements.  

  1. Be a good speaker

This is the most obvious point, but it’s also the most important. If you can’t give a good speech, people aren’t going to want to pay you for one! The goal here is not just to be able to talk about your topic at hand; it’s also to make sure that you’re able to capture and hold their attention while doing so. And don’t worry—even if you think this skill is something you don’t have, it’s actually easy enough to learn through practice and feedback from others!

  1. Find your niche

You may not know exactly what type of speaking engagements will work best for you right away, but there are some key areas that are likely candidates: industry conferences, corporate events such as company picnics or holiday parties where there may be an opportunity for more than just one speech, colleges and universities, trade shows, associations and organizations related to your topic area(s).

  1. Start local

If you’re looking for paid speaking engagements, the best place to start is with local organizations. 

Start by doing some research on the subject in your area. You can do this by reading about other speakers in your area, or by asking them if they know of any opportunities.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Google it! You can search for “speaking events” or “paid speaking events” and get a list of all the local events taking place in your area.

Once you have a list of potential venues, look them up online and see if they have websites or social media accounts. If not, call them directly and ask if they offer any speaking opportunities that align with your expertise or experience.  

If so, ask what kind of topics they’re most interested in hearing from speakers about and which topics they think would be most appealing to their audiences. Then tailor your pitch accordingly!

  1. Keep your eyes peeled for open calls

These are usually posted on event websites or on social media accounts. Some people even post them on Craigslist or other online forums. You can also do this yourself by creating a flyer that explains why you’re great at speaking and how you’d be able to help their organization’s cause.

  1. Make a list

Start by doing some research on the subject in your area. You can do this by reading about other speakers in your area, or by asking them if they know of any opportunities.

Once you have a list of potential venues, look them up online and see if they have websites or social media accounts. If not, call them directly and ask if they offer any speaking opportunities. If so, ask what kind of topics they’re most interested in hearing from speakers about and which topics they think would be most appealing to their audiences. Then tailor your pitch accordingly!

  1. Contact coordinators, Referrals, and hotels 

Contacting these people can be the most fruitful way to get a gig. They usually have relationships with other event organizers and they may be able to introduce you as a potential speaker at events they are already planning or organizing. They also have an idea of what speakers are in demand in their area and who might be willing to pay for their services.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags will allow you to connect with other speakers and coordinators who may be interested in your expertise or experience as well as get exposure on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where they can see what kind of content you post regularly so they know if they would want someone like you presenting at their event or not! 

Be sure to keep track of any opportunities that come up during your search so that you can follow up with them later when you have more experience under your belt.

  1. Start small

You’ll want to start small so that you can build up your experience and confidence before approaching larger conferences or events that have higher pay rates associated with them. 

And don’t forget about getting exposure—you can do this by saying yes! The more often people hear your name or see your face at events, the easier it will be for hotels and organizers alike when it comes time for them to consider booking someone new for next year’s event roster.

  1. Build excitement via your social media platforms

When someone hires a speaker for their event or conference, they want someone who is knowledgeable on the subject matter being discussed. 

Using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to show off the topic(s) that excite you can help people see that you’re really passionate about and in what area your expertise would benefit them. 

It also gives people an idea of what kind of speaker they’ll get if they book you for their event or conference.

And the more excited you are about the topic or opportunity, the more likely it is that others will be interested in hearing what you have to say! 

Final Thoughts!

We know that finding paid speaking engagements can be tough, but we’re confident that if you adopt some of the strategies we have laid out above, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to land a gig that will pay you for sharing your expertise and excitement with an audience in no time!  

 Author Bio-

Kylie, from Rock the Stage, Page & Screen, has been involved with public speaker training, TEDx Talk script development and writing, speaker sizzle reels, and more for the past 9 years. She wants to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

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7 Ways Shopify Custom Development Facilitates Business Growth


The eCommerce industry has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. The adoption rate of online stores and eCommerce stores is higher than ever before. With a growing number of eCommerce stores, the competition is getting tougher and it is forcing the eCommerce players to change their strategies significantly. If you are running a Shopify store, you must pay attention to Shopify custom development as it can help you overcome many real-world challenges effectively.

A competent Shopify development agency not only helps you find the drawbacks of your platform but can also devise futureproof strategies to overcome them. You can notice a huge diversity in the features and functionalities of Shopify stores these days. Everyone is focused on making their online stores unique and user-friendly for better business results. Today we will explore the seven ways Shopify custom development can help you achieve your business goals.

How Shopify development agency help your business growth?

Having a Shopify development agency by your side can become a great advantage for your business. The Shopify experts know all ins-and-outs of building successful online stores, so hire a Shopify custom development expert for your business today. Below are seven ways a Shopify expert can help your eCommerce business:-

Optimizing the website for speed and performance

The speed and performance of your store are crucial for its success. Therefore, hiring a Shopify development agency becomes essential if your store is not performing well. When you have an expert Shopify developer by your side, he helps you identify the loopholes hampering the performance. 

Your users will never convert to slow or underperforming stores. There are many website components like images, page structure, and more that you can optimize for performance. Therefore, you can hire an experienced developer to implement such changes.

Adding tailored analytical tools to measure performance

Keeping a constant watch on the performance of your business is essential to formulate winning strategies. You can never keep your eCommerce business on a progressive track without having substantial data about its performance. Leads, sales, type of customers, best selling products are just a few factors that decide the success of your business.

Custom Shopify development teams will help you integrate the best analytical tools. If you are unhappy with existing solutions, they can even build a custom tool unique to your business. Apart from your performance, keeping a watch on the competition is vital too because it helps you get crucial insights for the winning measures.

Optimising the user journey for more sales

ECommerce is paying a lot of attention to making user journeys better and better. It has been seen that more than 80% of store owners fail to offer a frictionless experience thus facing a high rate of cart abandonment. If you wish to avoid high cart abandonment, hire a Shopify developer today!

There are lots of ways to ease the user journey and only an expert can help you make it better using his experience and skills. The most common solutions that you can apply for it are minimizing the use of forms, updating product quantities using a cart page, one-click checkout and more.

Adding custom payment and shipping methods

Lack of sufficient mode of payments and shipping is among the primary reasons behind the low performance of Shopify stores. If you use the default payment and shipping gateways, you are missing a good chunk of revenue. Shopify doesn’t offer all popular payment options preferred by users worldwide. The absence of a multi-currency feature can also turn into a hurdle, especially while dealing with a global user base.

Similarly, the default shipping payment gateways don’t support all the locations. So, it will be better to integrate custom shipping and payment methods in your store to facilitate the users. It will help you get more sales, thus uplifting your overall revenues.

Integrating multi-lingual functionality for increased reach

Online business means that your product offerings are not limited to specific geographical or political boundaries. However, most of the Shopify store owners fail to make a positive impact with it due to a lack of multi-lingual functionalities. In the absence of such features, the users are unable to access your offerings in local languages. 

On the other hand, if you offer such functionality, users can develop trust in your store, plus it can increase your audience dramatically. There are a lot of third-party Shopify apps available;e to achieve this feature, but we will still recommend hiring a Shopify custom development expert for favorable results.

Making your store responsive to mobile users

According to recent studies, more than 80% of users prefer to shop from online stores using their mobile devices. Does that sound alarming if your store is not mobile responsive? Don’t worry! You still have time to overcome it. 

Hire a professional Shopify developer today to help you make your store responsive. It will help to cater a great browsing experience to mobile users, thus increasing the chances of sales in your store. You can also consider building a mobile app for your store.

Driving Organic traffic through optimisation for SEO

Organic traffic is the oxygen for any online store. No matter what platform you use, it is hard to achieve the reputation and results you desire without organic traffic. Moreover, organic traffic can save thousands of dollars that you need to spend on advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

If you wish to get organic traffic on your Shopify store, you can optimize your store for SEO. Not sure how to do it? Well, just hire a competent Shopify developer, and he will do it all for you. He will help you optimize the store component to achieve a higher search ranking, thus benefitting your business with organic traffic.


These are a few ways Shopify custom development experts can help your business grow and succeed. Though there are lot more ways to get good results with your eCommerce business, you can kick start the process with these seven most crucial factors for any online business. Always hire Shopify developers from any of the reputed Shopify development agencies only. It will help you get professional results while ensuring that your stores are in safe hands.