5 Smart Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website

Facebook is the world’s top social media platform with the highest number of users all around! 

Starting with just a simple idea of connecting and socializing, Facebook has unrolled itself from the beginning. It has now become the heart of online marketing. Whether it is a brand promotion or simply doing the e-commerce business, everyone looks up facebook.

If you’re a brand and have not leveraged Facebook for marketing yet, then you are surely missing out on a great opportunity. The amount of traffic and conversion rate you can get just by embedding Facebook on your website is immeasurable! 

However, if you think that embedding a Facebook feed with any tool can help you achieve your ultimate goals, then you are highly mistaken. 

You need to choose the correct tools to embed your Facebook feed. Go with the tools that go well with your website’s demands and essentials. 

Confused about which tool to use? Well, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. This blog will give you 5 smart tools that you can use to embed Facebook feed on websites.

So to know more, keep reading below. 

5 Best Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website

1. Tagembed

This is a free tool that offers a range of features. It is an easy-to-use tool that is highly responsive, powerful and lets you collect the facebook feed without any coding. 

You can collect all the Facebook content in one place using this tool from many sources. Be it profile posts or pages, you can do it trouble-free. 

Now comes the most interesting part of all. It gives many customization features to let you display the Facebook feed most attractively. From giving a diverse theme hub to many designing options like banners, CTA, layouts, etc, it helps you in creating an engaging feed like never before. 

You can create brand and product galleries using Tagembed. One of the most vital features that it offers is the advanced moderation filter. You can filter out the unwanted and unsuitable content and decide to choose what you want to display. 

By this, you can easily maintain the standard of your content.

 Some more features offered by it are as follows:-

  • Quick content updates 
  • Smooth widget 
  • Custom CSS 
  • Structures support system 
  • Custom CSS

2. SmashBalloon 

SmashBalloon is a powerful tool that lets you easily embed Facebook feed on your website without writing any code. If you think that embedding social media platforms on your website requires a lot of coding and technical expertise, then this tool is your go-to solution.

The best part is that it is a 100% mobile-friendly tool. It has many customization features to make your website look appealing and engaging. 

You can choose from a variety of layouts, themes, designs, fonts, colors and choose to display the feed most uniquely. The star attribute of this tool is that is greatly reliable. It offers feed backup and a smart caching system. 

By this, you can make your website work faster as it minimizes the number of API requests. 

Some more features offered by it are as follows:-

  • SEO friendly 
  • Multiple feeds 
  • GDPR compliant 

3. EmbedSocial 

This tool lets you collect Facebook content, Facebook page posts, mentions, and visitors’ pages. It has direct and approved integration with the Facebook API and helps you in easily collecting content related to your brand posted on Facebook.

When it comes to templates, it provides 10+ templates that can match any website design. Starting from sliders, gliders, slideshows to masonry and still, the list is a long one. 

Some more features offered by it are as follows:-

  • Custom CSS 
  • Auto-sync
  • Filtering option 
  • Multiple feeds 

4. Taggbox 

Taggbox lets you easily collect, curate, manage and analyze the Facebook feed on your website. It comes up with a variety of personalization and designs to help you in creating an eye-catching website. 

It offers a moderation feature as well so that you can maintain the quality of the content being displayed. 

Following are some of its additional features:-

  • Easy rights management 
  • Responsive design 
  • Inbuilt analytics 
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Custom CSS 

5. Walls.io 

Looking for a tool to collect Facebook feed content from a pool of sources like hashtag keywords, mentions, etc. then this is a good option to choose from. 

The star feature of this tool is that it offers manual and automatic content approval. You can easily filter out unwanted content as it gives unlimited social wall moderators, you can filter out content by language or keywords. 

Following is the list of the features offered by walls.io.

  • GDPR compliant 
  • Real-time content updates 
  • Custom CSS 
  • No coding required
  • Logo upload 
  • Adjustable display options 

Round Off! 

Now you have reached the end of this blog. This blog gave you a guide on some of the best tools to embed Facebook feed on your website. 

Use these tools and create a highly engaging website. 

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