7 Must-Know Rules for Men| Rules That Will Make Your Style Lavish

Do you want to look the best every time you get dressed? Well, then you must follow these ten basic fashion rules! Nobody is born perfect or has a natural style. Dressing well is a skill, and not everyone is born with it. 

But if you follow these basic fashion rules, we’re sure you can adjust to any outfit incredibly. Do you want to look effortlessly elegant? Learn, improve and follow these small but important rules before buying men’s apparel, and you will see how easy it is to dress well. 

Wear Up Your Suit Well

The key to a good-looking suit is the fit. If you’re looking for an original suit, focus on the fit over the shoulders, as changing the bust and waist is relatively easy. 

Classic is better and more useful! Go for the two-button and single-breasted with moderate details as it’s not boring but uniform. The idea is to think of that suit as a canvas to build different notions of individuality. You wear it, not the tag in it. That’s impressive.

Select the Right Color That Suits You

You have to be smart with the colors. Colors say a lot about a person’s personality, so you should make sure the colors you wear speak well of you. Experimenting with colors might seem like a good idea, but go away with the look you want.

So in these cases, it is always better to stick to neutral colors. Black, white, grey, brown, and khaki are colors that always look amazing and will never let you down. You don’t have to worry about color combinations knowing that these colors will make you look effortlessly stylish. 

So be smart and add more neutral colors to your wardrobe.

Your Shirt Should Fit Appropriately

When choosing your shirt, you need to know only two measurements: collar size and sleeve length. Right? Knowing the right size for your neck and sleeves will ensure a better fit and minimize any adjustments that may need to be made. Now, what about the body and neck of a shirt? Look below for these two. 

Shirt Neck Style

Measure around your neck, so it just brushes your Adam’s apple. You should fit two fingers comfortably under the tape measure and your neck (both fingers pressing against your neck, not next to each other, to give more room to the outside). This gives you room to breathe without being slack. 

Shirt Sleeve Style

Place your hand on your hip with your arm bent at 90° (very important). Have someone (preferably a professional, but an important person should do it, provided you want to look good) measure the distance from the center of your neck (you can feel the curve of your spine where your neck meets your torso) and run on the outside of the arm, over the shoulder and elbow to the wrist where the sleeve ends. 

How It Fit to Body?

First, around the fullest part of your chest. It will likely end up somewhere around the nipple. Don’t over-tighten. For the second, measure around the widest part of your stomach (around your belly button). This should be comparable to your chest measurement, and you now know your torso measurements. 

When purchasing a shirt, you can mention them or check the size chart when searching online. It helps you determine if you need a “Slim,” “Regular,” or “Classic” fit, or whatever the store variant is.

Keeping Accessories Minimum is Better

Accessories like ties and pocket squares add individuality to classic attire style but be careful when wearing them. 

The best way to match them with what you’re wearing is by choosing a color or two. Or even put them right next to each other.

When choosing shirt and tie combinations, wear your tie or pocket square in a darker shade than your jacket. And don’t overdo it with the accessories either.

When in doubt, think less is more and remove an item. 

Apply cologne to these places

Buy yourself a good cologne or perfume and always smell good. Don’t shower with it. Just apply 12 sprays, and you’re done.

Spray on pulse points or the points where your body gives off heat (not your armpit or other areas that also release body odor). This is the back and front of the dolls.

This allows the fragrance to be released more slowly. Then, after dressing, spray once on the front of the shirt on your way out the door. 

Dressing up, then spray and go, is a classic method. The scent doesn’t stay on clothes for so long during the day, so it’s less intense. But for a more concentrated scent and a more sensitive nose, this method is the way to walk.

Fun with Trendy Outfits

Sticking to the classics and basics is good, but not keeping up with trends is bad! They should have fun, try new trends such as men’s custom apparel and keep experimenting not.

Don’t limit yourself and be a little bold when necessary. Try a new color, pattern, or accessory. Don’t invest too much in fashionable clothes. Instead, treat yourself to something new. 

Shoes Have an Importance on Personality; Choose Wisely!

So what happens if you follow all of the above rules but mess up this one? Your clothes look perfect, fit you well, wear the right colors, etc. But what about the shoes? Your shoes are just as important when trying to dress well. They must be clean and polished.

Torn or dirty shoes are not allowed in the fashion game. Always make sure your shoes complement your outfit. You dress well, but you break your shoes; you lose!

Final Words

The most important fashion rule is to use your confidence and accept yourself. All the above rules are useless if you forget them. Confidence is essential!

It gives you the strength to accept yourself, your flaws, and your weaknesses and style. Try anything you want and do it with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to experiment or try something new because anything you do confidently will surely outshine.

Up your style game with these simple but essential fashion rules. So the next time you leave the house, ensure to check off these tips. 

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