All You Need To Know About Empower Personal Training

As personal trainers, we must jointly care about our industry and our level of knowledge and attention in every training.

To this end, I make the following suggestions to keep myself at a higher level

If you are not certified, get certified! We are responsible for the client’s body and future health, so we must understand the proper settings and alignment of the exercises, etc., in accordance with the client’s medical history or previous injuries, in which exercises are contraindicated. When a customer asks important health or fitness-related question, we also need to have the right information or where to find it.

Remember, our clients pay us because they see Empower Personal Training us as professionals, so if you’re not certified, check ACE, AFAA, NASM, ACSM, and NCSA. Some certifications are more expensive and more comprehensive than others. Find out which one suits you best and get certified.

Stay abreast of the latest industry trends and new training methods so that if our customers ask them, we can respond sensibly and sensibly.

Come to our course before or a few minutes before our customers to set up the training room and greet them there.
Wear professional and appropriate training clothes.

Stay away from the phone when training customers. In other words, the presence. Unless you use your phone as a timer for interval exercises, I often do this. But also make sports a mobile-free zone!

Yesterday I was at the world-famous Gold’s Gym in Venice, California (my home workout school for 20 years), and a former Mr. Olympia turned into a personal trainer, sending text messages through a client’s device. Imagine if our dentist or doctor would grab his cell phone and start texting while taking care of our bodies? what!

Eat well before the meeting. I know sometimes we are back to back with customers and don’t want to miss a meal, but what I’m saying is better arrange the time, or if you must eat a meal, do it while the customer is warming up, but don’t stand for it.

Always check and correct the shape and alignment. One wrong move, our customers will get hurt.

Speak to our customers in an uplifting and inspiring way. Don’t scold or scold our customers, thinking this is a cool psychological way to motivate them.

Regardless of our reason for becoming a personal trainer, let clients feel that they are the most important thing to us at that hour.

Do not interact or talk to other trainers during our clients’ meetings

Always remember how lucky we are: we make more money per hour in this field than some lawyers, doctors, and others who have studied in their fields for many years.

Well, now that everything is no longer on my chest, I will say at the end of this article, I know that in any profession we will sometimes reach the point of “exhaustion”, our once passion started to become a must. housework for various reasons.

It happens in every area, especially in areas like ours where we spend a lot of time providing “energy” to others. Let’s face it, we’re not just personal trainers, we sometimes become life coaches, relationship counselors, and body image therapists for clients. Note: I’m not forgiving or advocating for these things – I’m just admitting that it happened.

My point is that once you’ve reached the “exhaustion” stage, you need to find a way to rekindle the reason you started getting excited about this field, otherwise it’s time to move on.

Sometimes simply researching new aspects of physical health, such as fitness for the elderly or fitness or sports performance for children, or sports nutrition may be the ticket. Or maybe just taking a much-needed vacation to rejuvenate yourself will help. Sometimes it can help to leave the field altogether.

This is actually what I did about 8 years ago. I feel completely burned. So I left this industry and went into real estate development in New York City. I know – completely outside the left court. It only took me about four months to realize that I’d rather inspire people to be healthy and healthy, rather than showcase high-end properties in New York City.

When I returned to the industry, I was refreshed and excited. A month later I created my iconic Booty Slide® exercise (Slide Training core exercise), which was later turned into Retail products that are now in Wal-Mart and Kmart.

Therefore, freeing up time is not only beneficial for our customers, but also for our creativity and productivity. But I had to take a break and rediscover my enthusiasm for this industry.

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