Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Vs A+ Content: What were the differences?

At inception, there were two options provided by Amazon to facilitate sellers & vendors on their platform to present their product’s USPs and other features in a way that would be appealing to the customer and highly informative.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content was introduced for brand-registered sellers while A+ Enhanced Marketing Content was introduced for vendors on the marketplace.

Amazon claimed that the advanced content could help increase conversions by 10%, providing a more engaging and comprehensive experience to the buyers viewing the product’s detail page.

A+ Enhanced Marketing Content (A+ EMC)

Made available to members of the invite-only Vendor Central, A+ EMCs were introduced to add more depth to product detail pages by making use of additional text, images, videos, comprehensive comparison charts, and interactive displays.

Products with an A+ EMC could be identified by the “From the Manufacturer” heading on their product detail pages.

Vendors were presented with two further offerings of basic A+ and A++ Content, with the latter being exclusive to Amazon’s biggest and most strategic brands.

Basic A+ Content

Made free for all vendor central users without any limits, it allowed vendors to choose between creating A+ Content themselves or having Amazon make it for them.

Self-Service Modules:
By choosing this option, you were awarded the freedom of creating your own layouts. You could build your layout around 12 different modules, 10 being standard modules and 2 being advanced, with the limit of 5 modules per page.

The process of getting started was very simple:

  • Choose the ASIN(s) and create a project
  • Drag & Drop modules to build your layout
  • Add your content
  • Review your work and Add to Cart
  • Place your order to finalise

Previously, vendors were charged a flat fee per module but now you can add all 5 modules free of charge. After submission of order, you can find it listed on your main A+ Detail page under A+ Submission History.

It takes up to 7 days for Amazon to review and publish your EMC after submission, however it usually gets published in around 24-48 hours.

Let Amazon Build For You:
With this option, vendors can rely on Amazon to create a layout and place the content they provide against the ASIN(s) they provide. The steps for this route are even easier: 

  • Enter the ASIN(s) you wish to upload the A+ content to
  • Upload a .ZIP file with the content you want in your EMC
  • Amazon chooses the design and layout to build a page for you
  • Premium A+ Content
  • A new invite-only program aimed at equipping Amazon’s already established brands and strategic partners with tools that allow them to further enhance their customer experience, Premium A+ Content is the pinnacle of advanced content on Amazon at the moment.
  • With a new level of immersion through interactive displays and the ability to add videos, images used are also of a larger size and leave no room for the viewer to lose interest.
  • You are offered 16 modules to choose from while creating Premium A+ Content, with a maximum of 7 modules per page. Some of the popular modules are as follows:
  • Slider galleries
  • Integrated HD videos
  • Video loops
  • Hotspots (Hover over images to reveal details)
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Interactive Comparison Charts

These modules are only visible to Premium A+ users in Vendor Central, so don’t expect to see them if you’re using Basic A+ Content.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Third-party Sellers on Amazon can use advanced content for their products as well through Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or EBC on Seller Central. However, you do have to be registered with Amazon Brand Registry or be enrolled in one of Amazon’s Seller programs like Amazon Exclusives or Launchpad.

With this tool, you can transform an ordinary product description with images and copy highlighting your products the best features at no additional cost. The Amazon EBC design that you upload will be shown under the “Product Description” heading on your product detail page.

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To  create an EBC, you have to first select from 5 pre-built EBC templates or create a custom template. Sellers can create an EBC of up to 7 modules, exceeding the maximum limit afforded to Basic A+ EMC vendors.

Modules can include a variety of content that can help in explaining the product better and also give your brand some visibility to increase customer retention. Modules can include brand logos, header images, product descriptions, and product features with a mix of infographics, lifestyle images, and comparison images etc.

Steps to create an EBC:

  1. Navigate to the Advertising tab of your dashboard and select Enhanced Brand Content.
  2. Choose a template that fits your requirements the best
  3. Add content to the modules. If you’re not sure about what to add, you can take the help of a professional EBC Design Service to make exciting and creative content.
  4. Submit for review.
  5. Wait for Approval.

Approvals for Amazon EBC can also take up to 7 days after submission. However, Sellers can have 20 pending submissions at a time.

Amazon EBC is a powerful tool for increasing conversions and it’s kind of fascinating that it is offered for free to sellers at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’ll soon become a paid feature much like Premium A+ content, so it is important for sellers to take maximum advantage while it lasts.

Time for a recap

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Whichever plan you go ahead with, advanced content can prove to be very beneficial to your business on Amazon. Premium A+ Content can be very expensive and difficult to get access to, so the majority of sellers & vendors are left with the free offerings, which in itself can be extremely useful. 

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