Apache vs Nginx: Which One is Best?

Apache vs Nginx: Which One is Best? Both are the world’s most famous open-source web services, and they handle half of the world’s internet traffic. The users are using these open web services to handle different workloads. We are also using these open web services to complement various types of software. These two open web services provide the best platforms to create a comprehensive web stack. These two web services provide some similar features. Anyhow, these two web services are not identical. It means that these open web services have different advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will compare the different features of Apache and Nginx. After comparing these features, we will decide which is best.

Apache vs Nginx Performance

To get an idea about the performance of Apache and Nginx, we have to see their static and dynamic content serving roles. First, we compare their static content serving roles. NGINX is 2.5 times faster than Apache in the static content serving roles. This data is gathered based on the benchmark tests of these two web services. Its main reason is that it consumes 4% less memory than Apache. This data shows that the NGINX web service is much faster than Apache. Therefore, if you want to show lots of static content data on your website, NGINX is the best choice.

Secondly, we have to compare dynamic web serving roles. Here, we try to compare the PHP runtime of these two web servers. According to research, the PHP runtime of these two web servers is almost similar. If you want to speed up dynamic web pages, you can choose one of them according to your requirements. Both the web servers will speed up the PHP runtime.

Apache vs Nginx Operating System Support

The web services of Apache show support for all kinds of Unix-like systems. That’s why it is also showing full support for Windows. NGINX is also showing support for various Unix-like systems. The problem is that it is not showing full support for Windows. The Windows performance of this platform is not as strong as for other systems. We can say that Apache is showing stronger operating system support than Nginx.

Apache vs Nginx Security

Before using a web service, we try to know its support for the security services. The security track record of both web services is excellent. They are providing security to their C-based code base. The magnitude of the code base of the NGINX is smaller than Apache. That’s why it is considered more secure than Apache. If you use Apache’s 2.2 or 2.4 versions, you will get vulnerability reporting from its security advisors.

On the other hand, NGINX also provides many security features to the users. They are securing your website against DDoS attacks and Brute Force attacks. Therefore, both web service providers provide the best security features.

Apache vs Nginx Flexibility

The developers desire to develop their websites according to their requirements. For this reason, they have to choose a web server that provides the best customization options. Using an Apache web server, you can customize your website using its writing modules. Apache provides dynamic writing modules to the users for a longer time. That’s why all the modules of Apache support this feature. These writing modules are not available in the NGINX. If you want to compile it in the NGINX, you will have to compile it in the admin panel. Most of the modules of the NGINX are not supporting this feature. Therefore, in the case of flexibility, Apache is leading.

Both Apache and NGINX provide dynamic modules of loading to the users. If you want to find out the official modules of these two web servers, you will have to visit the official modules. These two web servers are not supporting the well-maintained list of third-party modules. If we take a deeper overview of the flexibility of these two web servers, it will be difficult for us to give an advantage to a specific web server. Anyhow, some essential features of Apache are better than NGINX. That’s why it provides better flexibility than NGINX.

Apache vs Nginx Documentation

If you are a beginner, you will have to face many problems using these two web servers. To use these two web servers, you require documents. Both Apache and NGINX provide the best documentation facilities to the users. To provide the best documentation facilities to the users, they offer different training sessions. These training sessions are about different topics of Apache and NGINX. After completing these training sessions, you will get certificates. It is also offering exam certificates to the users.

  • Apache vs Nginx Support

Both the web servers are offering the best support to their users. Apache provides support to its users via email, IRC and Stack Overflow. It is also providing official support through several third-party services. Similarly, NGINX is providing support to their users.

Apache vs Nginx: Which is the best?

Apache and NGINX are leading the web servers industry in various forms. They are also competing. For example, if you want to use a web server for static content, NGINX is the best choice. On the other hand, if you want to use a web server for dynamic content, Apache is the best choice for you. NGINX is also shining in the market due to its advanced features.

If your website has low traffic and you use shared hosting, you should use Apache. The users of the high-traffic website require static content. Therefore, they have to use dedicated web hosting. For dedicated web hosting, NGINX is the best choice. You can also use NGINX for the VPS hosting and cluster containers.


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