Must Have Marketing Apps For Marketers In 2021

It’s impossible to run a business without marketing it & the point to ponder is marketing has swapped its methods, rules & modes. Now, you have to advertise your brand via different social media platforms & have to gauge the performance gradually. 

To balance the post-activity & communication, you require several apps. There are thousands of apps that are within easy reach for everybody, but some are paid & others are free of cost. 

The best part is whether the apps are paid or free, you can manage & advertise your brand in the best way possible and grow your brand with the help of your smartphones. 

If you are in quest of finding the best apps for business purposes, here is the compilation of some incredible apps that assist you to market, manage & communicate.


It is a business communication app that has been used by marketers or business users to contact employees & manage the workflow. With the help of Slack, you can edit or share the documents. Plus, to get access to the record, you can search for past conversations and files. 

Moreover, you can organize projects & keep an eye on everything. Plus, if you add your Slack username on your business card, it would be a great idea as it seems very professional & to add it to your business card, you can get help from Vistaprint & get the job done at cheap rates by using Vistaprint coupon code. 


Advert your brand by creating an eye-catching post for it & spread it on social media within just a few taps. Canva has made it super-smooth & easy to create social media posts & professional images that can be utilized to market & advertise a product or brand.

Create professional images right from your smartphones & place different elements as per your desire. You can directly share the post from it to any social media platform & to avail more advanced features, you can choose its Pro & Enterprises plans.


No need to introduce this app as everybody is familiar with it, but here is a little insight about it. Skype is an incredible chatting app that makes communication hassle-free between you & your clients. It provides free video call services and chatting services. You can chat with up to 300 people at a time. If you own a startup & want to keep an eye on customers’ feedback, Skype is the right tool. It is absolutely free & can be easily downloaded on your smartphone.

So, make your business portable with Skype & run it from any corner of the world. 

Facebook Ad Manager 

Now, the role of Facebook (Meta) is more than a socializing app. It has become a vast market for business owners and advertisers. The reason is, you can run multiple ads & posts on Facebook & track the record for business growth. To assist you in that matter, the Facebook ad manager is at your service. You can create and run Facebook & Instagram ads. In addition, you can edit schedules & budgets & can receive all the notifications in your hands. 

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Like the mentioned apps, this one is also free, so why don’t you give it a try?


This one is a multipurpose app. You can stay in touch with your dearest ones, get customer feedback, contact your clients & send details to your employees or staff members. WhatsApp is totally free & you will be amazed to know that over the decade, the ratio of WhatsApp users has reached 2 billion in July 2021.

Another beneficial feature is, if you prefer a desktop over a smartphone, you can get access to WhatsApp from the desktop system as well. By WhatsApp web, you can manage multiple things simultaneously. So, if you haven’t used it yet on desktop, do it now. 

Hang out 

Hangout launched as a fun communication app, but soon it turned out to be a business communication app. It has a user-friendly interface & it is visually captivating. This messenger app is very famous for Google users. It allows messages & video conferences with up to 10 people. So, you can text, make audio & video calls as per the need. Furthermore, you can get the advantage of pinpointing the geolocation. 


Tumblr is the most effective tool to read, share & establish PR. Here, you can post articles, read and make a network with bloggers as basically, it submerged the blogging & social media. You can find a lot of formats & templates to post the article with amazing designs. 

You can advertise or market your brand by generating & publishing the content right from your laptop. What’s more convenient than this? Nothing, we guess. 

In The End

To make your marketing strategies more effective, diverse & fruitful, we have listed above the mobile apps that are free of cost & contain a very easy-peasy interface.
Don’t pay a hefty amount for marketing, consider these apps & make the most out of them.

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