Overnight Stay At Guhantara Resort


Overnight Stay At Guhantara Resort, India’s first man-made underground cave resort, invites you to enter a world of fun and adventure. The Guhantara Resort offers an exceptional experience by providing a special combination of activities to revive your senses. The historic building of long-gone civilizations has been perfectly incorporated into the landscape of carved rocks, transporting you back to that world. The resort is ideal for gatherings with friends and family, but you can also have business functions there. There is a location tucked away in the center of Karnataka that attracts tourists and adventure seekers. There, remnants of long-gone civilizations coexist peacefully with modern conveniences, and monolithic stones contain hidden meanings for those who visit for pleasure or solitude.


 They make sure that you never run out of things to do since they recognize that digital fatigue is a big issue, particularly for visitors to our region. While you relax at your own pace, break the mold. Couples, families, and large groups can all feel completely at home in the opulent setting and atmosphere.


We assist you in getting ready for the unexpected from the moment you enter Guhantara Resort through an open cave entrance. As you emerge from the tunnel, a man-made waterfall will ring out to welcome you. Prepare yourself to take part in the many activities that are provided for you. The magical feeling never totally leaves you as our own staff satisfies all of your desires while ensuring that you may enjoy your day out in solitude. Long-standing caterer Guhantara Resort appreciates the significance of your special day and works hard to offer a selection of services from which you can select in accordance with your needs. Additionally, they provide easily accessible customized and unique package options.

How to Get There

The resort is located on Kanakapura Road, 27 kilometers from Bangalore, and is easily accessible by both private and public transportation.

The distance from KSR Bengaluru City Junction to the closest railway station is 32.4 kilometers, and it takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to travel there by car or taxi.

The distance from Bangalore Airport to the closest airport is 68 km, and it takes 1 hour and 52 minutes to travel there by vehicle or taxi.

Policy on Cancellations:

A written cancellation notice must be received by the company 30 days ahead of the check-in date to receive a full refund.

In the event of a No Show, Late Check-in, or Early Check Out, there will be NO REFUND. Any cancellation for the confirmed booking will incur processing fees regardless of the date of cancellation. 25% retention for cancellation 15 days prior to check-in, 50% retention for cancellation 7 days prior to check-in, and full retention for cancellation within 7 days of check-in. Please be aware that the refunding process could take 15 to 20 working days.

Services Rendered

Long-standing catering company Guhantara Resort recognizes the importance of your special day and works hard to provide a variety of services that can be chosen based on your demands. They also offer very accessible customized and personalized packages. The helpful and accommodating staff contributes to the venue’s lively and upbeat atmosphere and provides basic lighting, electricity backup, and a relaxing bridal chamber where the bride may unwind and receive all of her cosmetic touch-ups before her big day.

A group of skilled chefs works diligently at Guhantara Resort to prepare delectable dishes for its patrons using only natural ingredients and spices. They offer excellent and convenient in-house catering services where you can indulge your palate with delectable meals at Guhantara Resort.


The event location is necessary for accommodating all guests with the most reviving atmosphere and outstanding services, making it the most important factor in a lavish wedding. The indoor space ensures you have a roomy and voluminous setting and can easily hold up to 500 visitors at once. By choosing this site, you have the chance to make your wedding-related events unique and exciting because it has everything you could possibly need. They also provide lodging for visitors, making it simpler for them to unwind briefly and prepare for the wedding events.

By delivering a special mix and match of activities to revive your senses, the resort offers a greater experience. Return to the world of ancient civilizations with their historic buildings, which have been perfectly incorporated into the landscape of carved rocks. The resort is ideal for gatherings with friends and family, as well as hosting corporate events.

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