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Nowadays, we have thousands of competitors in the race to create a Shopify custom theme. Make sure your Shopify store stands out from other sellers in the crowd. The good thing is most of them pay little attention to Custom Shopify design templates or even the basic template they use. Many of them opt for the easiest option from existing stock platforms.

Lets Get Dive Into To Know More About Shopify Custom Theme

I would suggest that you plan the theme before crafting it. Ensuring you have all the technical knowledge of the project requirements, but the non-technical requirements are also important.

I review the different Shopify theme design options before actually building my own Shopify theme. The significant part is some of them might come in handy while you line up your ideas but make a difference quite a new considerable theme. WHY? Because if it won’t stand out in the crowd, there is just no sense in wasting time on it.

Always do your analysis first that includes the specific requirement of a niche market you are trying to target. Find your source of inspiration and make sure that what you create will differ from what already exists in a market of Shopify Template Design. What people want today, is?

  • Simple navigation.
  • The brevity of descriptions.
  • Well-organized content.
  • Intuitive control of actions.
  • Visibility of price information.
  • Contrast colors that don’t tire the eyes.

The following are important tips to build your Shopify Theme:

Learn with the Shopify Partner Academy.

Shopify Partner Academy is the right place for learning the Shopify ecosystem. You can learn how to use front-end development tools and frameworks, including the core features and functions of Shopify.

It provides you tons of self-study course materials that help you to understand the Shopify Partner process more easily. Before access, you must sign up for a Shopify partner account.

Slate theme toolkit

Leverage the slate theme toolkit for a better developer experience. It helps Shopify developers to produce high-quality themes and be more productive.

Slate offers you a new project: Slate’s Shopify Custom Theme including Up-to-date best practices that you need for most of the internal Shopify themes.

Slate Starter contains all the important Shopify Custom Theme that are required, such as snippets, templates, standard liquid tags, & logic.

Remember, you might have to remove markup, classes, or the other code. Plus, you will access the less CSS theme and that is intentional because the starter theme is not a framework, but will be a starting point of your project.

What is Liquid?

Shopify Liquid manages all the Shopify Custom Theme that is based on highly Ruby expressive language In short, it’s a Shopify template theme language. Shopify Liquid works as a mediator between Shopify store content and the HTML content rendered in a user’s browser. In technical terms, liquid uses placeholder constructs to manage the store data like product prices and titles.

Whether you are building a theme from scratch or customizing a merchant’s existing theme or taking the help of Shopify Theme Design Providers. It will be better if you get familiar with using Shopify’s open-source template language, Liquid. I assure you it’s easier to work with than you imagine.

Get creative with your design

I would advise you to consider it when building a Shopify Theme though it’s not a technical requirement. If you have an existing theme, then try to improve it better than before. At the same time try to keep your theme different from your existing themes in terms of look, feel, and functions.

Final Thoughts:

If you have questions about Shopify custom theme design or would like to share personal advice. Get in touch with us and start building with Cartcoders, where Shopify store customization Experts create a custom Shopify theme as per your preference.

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