Topmost Exotic Cakes That You Left Untasted

Then what is making you wait so long? Don’t you get bored tasting all the similar varieties of cake or birthday cake almost everywhere? Do you want to try something unique or some of the most famous cakes in the world? Here you go with all the exotic, most favorite cakes of the world that you have left untasted. Sit back and order cake online without much hustle and have it on your special days. Send them to your loved ones too.


This cake has its origin in Sweden, and it is also known as Sweden car cheese or Swedish cheesecake. Ostkaka has its name from “ost,” which means cheese, and “kaka,” meaning cake in Sweden. The main ingredients required to bake Ostkaka are milk, cream, flour, sugar, eggs, almonds, bitter almonds, and Rennet. 

This cake has a firm consistency and tastes creamy with the crunchy taste of almonds. Also cake is usually serve lukewarm with varieties of jam Including cloudberry, cherries, or strawberries, and whipped cream or ice cream. Which can be glaze over the cake as toppings. It is generally made by adding rennet to warm milk in the cake batter. And allowing the coagulation of casein in it. 

This is one of the favorite traditional Swedish desserts famous worldwide. And one of the oldest recipes as it was first mentioned in the 16th century. Although super delicious, Ostkaka also has a spongy and fluffy texture that you can’t stop having again.

Salted caramel cake

Don’t you want to try the silky caramel melting slowly in your mouth? Don’t you try an entire caramel cake which is a perfect treat for all caramel lovers? This so stopping wonderfully made baked caramel cake is the easiest to make and taste heavenly. 

This cake goes well with ingredients like desiccated coconuts, icing sugar, whipped cream, and fresh berries. Like strawberries, blackberries, and many other elements. The ingredients require to bake this cake are soften salte butter, caster sugar, soft sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, flour, milk, and chocolate. D caramel pieces to garnish the cake as toppings. 

For any chocolate lovers, you can also add chocolate chips or melted chocolates into the cake batter. You can also add chopped nuts, raisins, almonds, and chocolate chips to garnish the cake.

Raspberry friand

Do you know what a friend is? Do you want to try that? Don’t you want to try something unique? If yes, then here goes the best dessert for you, and that’s this beautiful raspberry friand? The main ingredients required to bake this cake have been noisette, almond flour, eggs whites, sugar. 

It is a New Zealand dish and has gained immense popularity nationwide. This cake is made with almond flour as it contains no extra calories like all-purpose flour. And contains the goodness of almonds in it. Generally, a friend has coconut, chocolate, fruits, and nuts. 

It is frie, which is literally a “tasty thing” and also refers to stuffed baked puff pastry. For raspberries, friend, you can add raspberry pulp into the cake batter and raspberry to garnish the cake.

Texas sheet cake

Texas sheet cake is a fantastic chocolate cake and is embrace by warm chocolate frosting. It is one of the most accessible cakes to make and perfect for any parties. Starting from birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, farewells, marriages, engagements, get together, and many more. It is called Texas sheet cake. 

There is generally a connexion in which Julie culinary historians say that: German sweet chocolate cake has inspired by the Texan cook who create their famous sheet cake. It is a chocolate cake that is cover with sugary coconut pecan frosting. It is baked in layers. Texas sheet cake is super moist and delicious, which is also very easy to make. 

The main ingredients required for baking this cake are all-purpose flour. White sugar, baking soda, salt, sore cream, eggs, butter, water, unsweetened cocoa powder, milk, vanilla extract, and chopped walnuts for decorating purposes. You could use chocolate syrup. Or walnuts to garnish the cake and make it look beckoning to all the cake lovers. 

There is online cake delivery in Delhi, which has numerous collections of all unique flavors of cakes which you can go for and order your favorite cakes home and enjoy with your friends and families.

Angel food cake

This cake name is Angel food cake as it is famous for its light and airy texture, which makes it so fluffy and delicious and can also be compared to the angels who are so light and fairy on the cake. Angelhood cake is enjoy with wholesome strawberries, blackberries, icing sugar, and some dry fruits as toppings on the cake. 

This cake is a low-fat recipe made from egg whites, cake flour, and sugar which looks pristine white on the inside and with the light brownish crumble crust from the exterior part of the cake.

Lastly, don’t stop craving these cakes and order them right now as they promise you never to resist hunger for themselves forever.

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