Tops 3 Free Ways For JP2 to JPG Converter

Yes, with the swift search around the internet for file format even with the best compression ratios, the JP2 and JPG formats yield at the top. No doubt that the JP2 format is not typically a highly compatible format with most devices as well as browsers. That’s the major reason why it is sometimes becoming essential to convert JP2 to JPG. Generally, an online JP2 to JPG converter is best to convert JP2 (JPEG 2000) image to regular JPG image format.

Well, in this context we are going to depicts three best ways to convert JP2 files to JPG, let’s explore:

Wondershare Free Download Application – Convert JP2 to JPG Easily:

Yes, this is indicated as the most convenient tool to use that will assist you to proceed with instant and quality conversions. Uniconverter comes with free JP2 to JPG converter that not only helps to turn JP2 into JPG but also provides features like converted-content editing.

The steps involved to convert JPEG 2000 to JPG in WondershareUniConverter are as follow:

  • If you don’t have the application, you ought to simply download and install it. You ought to visit the official site and choose the Image Converter option to install it
  • Once done, it’s time to insert JP2 images into Uniconverter
  • You can see a new window will pop up after that. You have to tap on + Add Image at the top left bar to swiftly upload the file that you want to convert to JPG. Remember that the drag and drop feature also works here, so you could also be able to upload a couple of images at once. The upside about the JP2 to JPG converter is that it allows you to edit, resize, and customize uploaded images
  • Now, just go to the Convert All images to and you can see that a drop-down menu will appear. Now, choose JPG. After choosing the JPG option, you can be able to edit the file by using the resizing and editing features according to your preferences
  • Finally, you could easily change the output storage location by choose on the File location button. Very next, you ought to hit the Convert button to terminate the JP2 to JPG conversion process

Well, theonlineconverter is an open-source site that allows you to convert images, videos, text, audio, and different other files for free. It is providing you with the best online JP2 to JPG converter free that quickly convert JP2 (JPEG 2000) to JPG image without losing the original quality of an image. The upside about this JPEG 2000 to JPG converter is that it allows you to convert multiple JP2 at once to JPG in the form of batch conversions.

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How to Convert JP2 to JPG with

You could save JP2 as JPG with these given steps:

  • Open any web-based browser, move to the URL address bar, enter “” and hit enter
  • Once the site main interface is shown, ahead to the search bar and type “JP2 to JPG”, tap on it
  • Once the JP2 to JPG converter is opened, all you need to enter single or multiple JP2 files onto the toolbox of this converter
  • Once done, the Convert button is the thing that you need to hit to proceed with the conversion further
  • Finally, Save JP2 as JPG by pressing the Download button, and if there are multiple files, then simply press the “Download Zip” button


Convertio is another user-friendly site for converting several file types, including JP2 (JPEG 2000) to JPG. Its best JP2 to JPG converter is the best way to proceed to turn JP2 into JPG while maintaining the original quality of the file. Apart from that, convertio supports more than 45 formats of documents, images, electronic tables and books, presentations, archives, even also audio and video files.

The amazing thing is that this site offers numerous advancement options and even includes OCR. No matter whatever browser you are using, this JP2 to JPG converter does all without impacting on quality and speed.

How to Convert JP2 to JPG with Convertio?

First of all, you have to visit “”

Then, you have to navigate to the image converter tab

Once done, upload your JP2 (JPEG 2000) image file that you wish to convert into a JPG image

Once the JP2 file is uploaded, you have to choose converted JPG extension from the given drop-down list

Then, press convert and get your converted JPG image


Each JP2 and JPG file format is critical in their diverse tasks! Remember that the JPG raster image is well-known for its fast speed and compatibility with many devices. While JP2 (JPEG 2000) works best for maintaining high-quality file formats and that’s why used in areas like satellite image as well as TV content streaming. So, whenever you need to convert JP2 files to JPG regular image format, experience with a free version of JP2 to JPG converter online.

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