Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

In the world of India’s entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneurs in India are reshaping the business module.  These young entrepreneurs in India are driven by desire, innovation, and ruthless pursuit of their visions, injecting fresh energy and thoughts into various industries nationwide.

From tech startups to social enterprises, Young Entrepreneurs in India are revolutionizing the way we live, these individuals embody the spirit of flexibility and originality that defines India’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Young Entrepreneurs in India

Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Against a background of rapid technology and evolving consumer preferences, these young thinkers not only model out their paths to success but also motivate other generations to dream big and pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Through their bold projects and untiring determination, Young Entrepreneurs in India are not just building businesses but also contributing to the socio-economic fabric of the nation, driving growth, and development innovation. In this dynamic world, the story of the young entrepreneur in India arises as a demonstration to the power of innovation, persistence, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Here is the list of some of the top young entrepreneurs in India-

Ritesh Agarwal

Whenever we talk about top young entrepreneurs In India, Ritesh is one of the big names in India’s startup world. He started his business journey with a vision to revolutionize in hospitality industry.

Ritesh Agarwal - Young Entrepreneurs in India

Ritesh established an early passion for technology, innovations, and business, which led him to OYO Hotels & Homes.

Ritesh’s actual business journey started when he dropped out of college to accomplish his entrepreneurial desires. Ritesh was full of determination and always tried to find opportunities, he traveled across the nation and stayed in budget accommodations, where he witnessed the hospitality business. During these travels Ritesh noticed a lack of consistent and reasonable hotel rooms for budget-friendly travelers.

With these stats in mind, Ritesh founded Oravel Stays in 2012, which later transformed into OYO Rooms. The concept was simply to provide travelers with quality, affordable housing by partnering with budget hotels and regulating their offerings.

Even with facing initial uncertainty and financial challenges, Agarwal’s endless pursuit of his vision soon began to yield results.

Nikhil Kamath

The entrepreneurial journey of Nikhil Kamath is marked by a strong idea and his deep information about finance. Nikhil was born in Bangalore in 1986, his journey to become a Young Entrepreneur in India began with the stock market. Nikhil is one of well known Young Entrepreneurs in India.

Nikhil Kamath - Young Entrepreneurs in India
Nikhil Kamath, the cofounder of Zerodha. Bangalore. October 2020. Photograph by Nishant Ratnakar.

His interest in finance came into presence when he started trading in stocks during his teenage years. He spent most of his time searching and analyzing various companies and trying to understand market trends and how the market behaves. In 2010 Nikhil and his brother Nithin Kamath started Zerodha which is India’s first discount brokerage company, it provides affordable trading services to investors.

Zerodha became popular rapidly due to its affordable pricing model and easy-to-navigate trading options. Zerodha drastically impacts traditional brokerage ideas In India by offering trading options on your mobile/desktop devices.

Byju Raveendran

Raveendran’s journey to be one of the leading Young Entrepreneurs in India is purely a statement of innovation and passion in the study. In 1980, Byju Raveendran was born in a small village in Kerala.

Byju Raveendran 1

Raveendran’s business journey started in 2006 when he was teaching his friends about CAT (Common Admission Test), at that time Byju realized the gap between education and technology.  

Byju has a tremendous ability to solve complex problems and an honest desire to make learning a fun way, to bridge the gap between education and technology Byju started recording his lessons and distributing them on DVDs.

Byju’s pioneering approach quickly gained grip among students, who found his video lessons helpful, attractive, and easy to understand. As positive word of mouth spread, demand for Byju’s teaching was nurtured, laying the foundation for his entrepreneurial venture.

Bhavish Aggarwal

Bhavesh was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, In an early age he showed signs of entrepreneurship and leadership.  His business journey took significant changes when he co-founded Ola Cabs, one of the leading ride management companies. Bhavesh completed his qualification from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, where he studies engineering and computer science.

Bhavish-Aggarwal - Young Entrepreneur In India

The idea behind Ola cabs came when Bhavesh was on a trip to Bombay, where he faced many difficulties in finding reliable cab services. Bhavesh and Ankit Bhati, pointed out the problem and came up with a solution with Ola Cabs in December 2010.

In the early days of the company, it faced a lot of problems in terms of funding, competitors, and demand. Bhavsh’s determination guided his company to navigate all these issues. In a short span, Ola gained traction among users due to affordable ride booking. Under his vision, Ola expanded its services from cab to Ola auto, Ola bike Ola Shuttle, etc.

Kuna Shah

Kunal Shah is a well-known figure in the Indian startup world, known for his vision, innovative thinking, and courage to go something new. Kunal was born in Mumbai, he did his Bachelor of Arts from Wilson College. At an early age, Kunal showed a great intent to learn about technology and entrepreneurship, his business journey swung when he and Sandeep Tandon founded FreeCharge, a mobile recharge rewarded platform.

Kuna Shah - Young Entrepreneur In India

This innovative and attractive way of business has popularity with customers within a short period. Kuna is one of the Young Entrepreneurs in India with a strong business mindset.

Under the leadership of Kunal Freecharge had tremendous growth and FreeCharge expanded its other services like bill payments, online shopping, and many more. In 2015 FreeCharge was acquired by Snapdeal this deal was worth around $400 million.

After FreeCharge was acquired by Snapeal an e-commerce giant, Kunal stepped down as the CEO of FreeCharge. He continuously explores new business opportunities and different ventures in start-ups. Kunal remains an active investor in start-ups and utilizes his experience and expertise to support budding entrepreneurs.

His next step in building a start-up ends with CRED in 2018, which is a fintech start-up that provides credit card rewards and other services too. CRED helps users maintain good credit scores by offering different rewards, discounts, and other benefits.

Raghav Chandra

Raghav Chandra was born in Mumbai, Raghav has shown a strong willingness to learn new things about business and how to build a start-up.

Raghav Chandra

Raghav has valuable experience in different management roles in the corporate sector after that he joined the Urban Company as the core member of the leadership team.  After joining the Urban Company this become an important factor in his career.

As the co-founder of Urban Clap, Raghav brought with him a strong vision and customer-focused approach to give new heights to the company.  He always gives priority to a culture of excellence and innovation within the organization which empowers the employees to think creatively and give their best to the company.

Under his experience, Urban Company gained huge growth and also expanded its different services and different geographic targets as well. He spread his strategic thinking to different markets and enhanced company technology aspects. His strong willingness to do something makes him one of the leading Young Entrepreneurs in India.

Apart from the Urban Company’s growth, he faced different challenges along the way, since they started the company they have faced various operational complexities but he took all the obstacles and gave the right direction to the company.

Tilak Mehta

Tilak is the founder of PaperSpace which provides cloud-based solutions, PaperSpace aims to solve document workflows so that this brings better productivity. He is one of the Young Entrepreneurs in India.

Tilak Mehta - Young Entrepreneur In India

Tilak Mehta’s business journey began with the revolution in document management. When he realizes the challenges in traditional paper workflow, Tilak observes an opportunity in cloud technology to streamline the work for better productivity.

He did a huge market research to validate the demand for cloud-based solutions for document management. Tilak analyzed different industry trends and figured out the key points for the growth of the brands.

With a strong business idea in mind, he assembled a team of talented developers and designers who gathered their experience for innovation and technology, in that way, Tilak built the roots of PaperSpace.

The initial phase is marked full of dedication and tireless efforts, as Tilak builds a robust and user-friendly platform with his teammates. They focused on innovative features for document storage, sharing, and collaboration, that’s how PaperSpace meets the changing document management needs of modern businesses.

Gagan Biyani

Gagan Biyani is inspired by the technology that addresses the actual problems, his entrepreneurial journey is affected by his college days. Gagan Biyani was much awaited to provide solutions that would impact people’s lifestyles meaningfully. His strong determination and vision toward innovation are the driving force behind his business journey.

Gagan Biyani  - Young Entrepreneur In India

Gagan’s entrepreneurial journey is a total example of passion for food and technology. Get an inspired by his family who cherished home-cooked meals and his experience in the tech industry. Gagan Biyani is one of the Young Entrepreneurs in India.

With a keen eye on innovation to bring quality, he set up a company that would re-structure the way people eat on the go.

The roots of Sprig were planted when Gagan was working in a tech startup, where he observed the growing demand for healthy meal options. Combining his experience from the tech world and his interest in food, Gagan working to bridge the gap between technology to reshape the food delivery experience.

Richa Kar

Richa Kar is one of the Young Entrepreneurs in India and co-founder of Zivame. She began her business journey when she realized the gap in the market for e-commerce lingerie brands.

Richa Kar - Young Entrepreneur In India

In 2011 Richa Kar founded Zivame, she the idea behind Zivame from her personal experience of women when they are buying lingerie in India. 

Young Entrepreneurs in India, She did her MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Richa observed the barriers like offered privacy, convenience, and a wide range of lingerie options.

Initially, she had faced numerous challenges in business, convincing investors about the possibilities of an online lingerie marketplace. Also building partnerships with lingerie brands and manufacturers is not easy at all.

Despite all the obstacles, the same starts getting attraction. It’s all about Richa’s determination and provides a seamless shopping experience to the women, along with attractive packaging and a diverse product range.

Her venture changed the way women shop for lingerie and made sure that every woman found her comfort on this platform.

Gaurav Munjal

Gaurav Munjal is one of the Young Entrepreneurs in India, he is the founder of Unacademy, which is one of India’s largest online learning platforms.

He founded Unacademy in 2010 and a clear vision behind this venture is to provide convenient access to top-class education for young entrepreneurs in India.

Gaurav Munjal - Young Entrepreneur In India

He pursued his graduation in engineering from IIT Bombay along with Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh who are the co-founders of Unacademy in 2015. Their only goal is to provide quality education for all the youngsters in India, especially those who are getting ready for competitive exams. In the initial phase of business, Unacademy faced many various obstacles in funding and scaling of business.

In the initial phase of business, Unacademy faced many various obstacles in funding and scaling of business. Convenience students to enroll in the online education system is one of the great challenges. However, Gaurav with his teammates remained on their target mission to build a trustworthy platform for students.

Leaving behind all these challenges Unacademy experienced huge growth under the leadership of Gaurav Munjal’s emphasis on leveraging technology.


These are some of the top young entrepreneurs in India, apart from the mentioned list many more other entrepreneurs are also in India who are known for their dedication and innovative thinking.  

From traditional industry to adopting technology, these young entrepreneurs in India have shown great intent to do something huge and make the country proud, they also prove that age is no barrier if you are have much willing to do something new. Each entrepreneur brings a unique perspective and thinking to take their ventures to new heights. All of them have shown great dedication and excellence. Their stories are inspiring lessons for many young people who are striving to achieve their life goals.

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