4 Ways To Improve Google Click Through Rate

What is Google Click Through Rate?

The Google Click Through Rate is the rate at which users are searching online and click on the website. To Improve Google Click Through Rate, you need to have a compatible, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly website. 

Developing a website and maintaining one are two different scenarios. If you are a website owner using website building platforms can do wonders. You do not require high-level coding skills or technical expertise, you can curate better layouts and develop an interactive and attractive website without much effort. 

But, simply creating a good website is not enough. You need to maintain Google click through rate, get better leads, interact with your visitors, and nurture them with quality content. You need to make your website visible on Google to make it worth it. To get this done, you need to improve your click-through rates.

Google is secretive with its algorithm that differentiates, ranks, and displays websites and webpages on the search engine. They keep changing their algorithm to make it better and ensure confidentiality just like Coca-Cola does with its recipe! 

Google does not want its competitors to understand its algorithm. They require people to curate quality and relevant content, that is displayed before low-quality and irrelevant content in the results. This is also the reason Google has a large, trusting, and loyal fan base. 

In this blog, we will discuss some ways to Improve Google Click Through Rate from our end. It’s impossible to understand Google’s algorithm, however, offering valuable content and an amazing website can be our best bet. Let’s understand Google click through rate in detail.

4 Ways to Boost Google Click Through Rate (Click-Through Rate)

Did you know there are numerous websites, courses, and books dedicated only to improving click-through rates? Yes, it’s that important! Let’s see some ways to help your website and blogs get a better ranking in detail.

  1. Embed Google reviews on the website 

Many marketers and website owners have been embedding Google reviews on their websites. They majorly use either a plugin or reviews platforms like Taggbox to do the same. These platforms provide effortless solutions for embedding reviews on the website.

All that is required is to copy and paste a simple HTML code into your website’s backend. These platforms will aggregate reviews from multiple platforms including Facebook, Yelp, and Airbnb, and fashion them in a unified presentation. These widgets are compatible, fast-loading, and responsive.

This way you offer valuable and relevant information, increase the website dwell time, drive traffic from Google to the website, reduce bounce rates, and improve conversion rates, eventually leading up to your better CTR.

  1. Deliver quality and relevant content 

You can be a blogger, small business, national eCommerce band, or international MNC, content is the key. To attain an identity as an expert on topics around your niche, you need to become visible. Offer content that is relevant to your audience, and content around your product and service that you offer can be of great help here.

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You can fill your pages with interesting, informational, unique, and helpful content that your audience resonates with. Ensuring this on a regular basis will help you get a better position in search engine results and improve your CTR.

  1. Utilize direct and indirect ranking factors 

Direct ranking factors include link backs, the load time of web pages, and keyword density. Linkbacks are another website that links to your site, page load time is the time a web page takes to load- the faster the better, and keyword density is the use of primary keywords in your content, page, title, URL, headers, body, etc.

Indirect ranking factors include other platforms that drive traffic to your website. Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, retweets, etc. They are not directly linked to the Google algorithm, however, they help in ranking better, leading to better CTR.

  1. Optimize website content to be SEO-friendly

Google displays the page title, description, reviews, location, inventory, and other information in a particular format. It is no accident, they don’t just display it randomly. No matter how original, authentic, and admissible your content is, if it isn’t structured properly on the website, Google bots won’t categorize it. They will display only those websites on top that have their content in place.

To do this, you can use basic HTML code and align your content. However, if coding is not your cup of tea, you can go for various plugins and tools.

Yoast SEO plugin does a page analysis that helps in determining a keyword within your blog content that ensure a higher ranking.
It helps in ensuring you have used the keyword in your metadata, title, header, and body overall you can work on to improve Google Click Through Rate.

Structured data, rich snippets, and all this jargon might be a little out of track. So basically, search engines have a universal language that helps them in identifying, determining, and categorizing content on the website.
The schema plugin helps you with marking up your content in order to get better CTR.

Wrap up!

Now that you have understood what can be done to Improve Google Click Through Rate with all the knowledge we have about Google’s algorithm, it might become easy and efficient to pass and achieve your desired goals.

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