Enhance Your Business’s Efficiency With Poly Bubble Mailers!

Are you into an eCommerce business that involves a lot of shipping and transporting products? And are you looking to invest in superior quality packaging supplies for your eCommerce business? You have landed at the right place!! Choosing the right packaging supplies for shipment determines everything from the shipping cost to the safety of the product in transit. If you have been paying a lot of shipping costs lately, it is time to switch to a more pocket-friendly and highly versatile packaging option. Imagine your customer ordering their favorite product and the product getting damaged during the transit due to poor packaging. This will not only hamper the image of your brand but also the customers are not likely to shop with you again. 

Among the plethora of choices related to packaging supplies, poly bubble mailers or gaining in popularity and demand. They are all the same thing, whether you call it poly mailers, bubble mailers, poly bags, or mailing bags. 

What are poly bubble mailers?

Poly bubble mailers are one of the renowned packaging supplies used by most eCommerce businesses these days. These lightweight packages are study plastic bags designed to ship products. One of the prominent features of poly bubble mailers is that they have a self-sealing fold over the lip, and you are not required to tape it or staple it. Another feature that makes them a must-have is that their insides are padded with bubbles to offer extra cushioning for the product. Furthermore, You can easily affix the shipping labels or your brand logo on the poly bubble mailers. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your business needs. 

How are poly bubble mailers better than cardboard packaging boxes?

Gone are the days when individuals used to pack the products in cardboard boxes for transportation. However, with the improvement and advancement in the packaging supplies, Cardboard boxes have proved to be an unnecessary expense for the shipment. Cardboard boxes that take a lot of space in the shipping truck and adjacent to the shipment weight,  poly bubble mailers are the most optimal choice. Cardboard boxes are prone to get wet and damaged products inside, whereas the poly bubble mailers are made of plastic, making them water-resistant. These few reasons must be convincing enough for you to switch from cardboard boxes to poly bubble mailers for your eCommerce business. 

What type of product can be packed and shipped in bubble mailers?

Poly bubble mailers are a top-notch choice for packaging almost any type of product that cannot be crushed. Ranging from apparel or fabric to footwear, almost anything can be shipped in the waterproof and jerk-resistant poly bubble mailers. However, you as a business owner must note that you cannot ship fragile items like sunglasses, glass-based products, food products, or edibles inside a poly mailer bag. Unless these products are already in sturdy packaging, you must stick to boxes. 

If you are looking to invest in superior quality custom bubble mailers, get in touch with a renowned online supplier to receive quality products! 

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