How Google is Fighting Link Update and How it Will Impact SEO?

It is universally known that links or backlinks are amongst the most influential ranking elements in Google search or for any other search engine. However, over a period, Google has made remarkable progress in identifying links (between good and bad backlinks) aimed at deceiving search engines.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss Google’s recent link algorithm updates and provide recommendations on preventing any possibility of being flagged by Google for low-quality and spam links.

How Google Fights Link Spam?

In 2012, Google launched Penguin, as its first link filter. After that, the search engine Google banned and other link exchanges. To continue its fight against bad links, and spammy backlinks it discontinued “crowdsourcing” on forums and free links from profiles. Then the focus was on guest posts, blogs, direct link exchanges and other quality backlinks.

Every year, Google representatives review and revise their filter for better search results for its users. As a result, an increasing number of parameters are useful for Google to consider while detecting the manipulation of the Pattern Search algorithm (PS algorithm).

After the launch of the Google algorithm- Penguin 4.0; in 2016, the situation with the filter was significantly improved. After that, it began to work in real-time.

The Situation in the United Arab Emirates

In UAE, Google filters have been easier and supportive compared to what it is in Western countries. However, it seems this leniency is about to end.

In the UAE and the Middle East, buying links on external link exchanges is prevalent when promoting your website on Google for better results. This technique of buying links still works in this part of the world, even though Yandex and Google’s censors are imposed here. Although, it is not in use in Western countries and markets for almost 3-4 years now. It is not useful in the West due to Google’s prohibition on all link exchanges. As a result, assimilation of all resources that have been actively exchanged and purchased do follow-links from high DA sites.

Simple free link exchange and crowdsourcing (spam) on profiles and forums sites are less prevalent in UAE.

Google Link Update Impact SEO

Contrary to the West market, article marketing is not developed in the UAE. Therefore, website owners have to change their link strategy quickly. To avoid losing a significant part of search traffic and ranking from Google in one day.

Impact of Upcoming Spam Filters on Website Traffic

Starting 2021, Google has been actively and consistently fighting link spam for the promotion. As a result, spam filters affect a significant number of sites for being promoted “directly” on the old promotion pattern. There was no indication from them of hiding the facts that they were purchasing links from any resource.

In December 2020, after the link updates, the first step of fighting against bad links was taken. After that, many websites in the CIS and Western countries lost 30-40% of the traffic for unspecified reasons.

However, after the link updates on June 6 and July 3, 2021, much more extensive adaptations were felt by site owners.

Spam Link Updates and How to Tackle it

On July 26, 2021, the official blog of Google announced the launch of the new update prepared to fight link spam. Here, you will find all the updates and information that are no more important and what you need to keep yourself updated and avoid any impact on your website.

The impact of June and July link updates was visible on the websites using or buying spam or bad links. As a result, many website owners made it a ritual to constantly monitor the quality of the link mass of their websites. Remove bad links before they start affecting sites.

What You Must Avoid Doing?

  • Don’t buy (add) anchor links on the spammed and unmoderated forums.
  • buying spammed profiles with commercial anchors is useless.
  • Don’t buy links from Sape (links spammed sites)
  • It is highly recommand by Google, do not buy links from spammy websites and other external link exchangers, knowingly selling many links to sites like casinos, IMs, sites 18.

To find out and understand what types of links can lead to manual penalties and devaluation of a website in search results. You can visit the official blog of Google.

The Google link updates apply to both inbound and outbound links.

What Has Changed After the Google Link Update?

  • A website may be penalise for many affiliate links to affiliate programs without the rel=”sponsored” tag. If you buy many outbound affiliate links and placed on the website, it will lead to a devaluation of the website in search results.
  • Google is aware of direct link exchange schemes, and places paid press releases and sponsored posts. Such links without rel=” sponsored” will lead to a degradation of the website in Google’s search results.
  • Google has indicated that the new algorithm to fight spam will impact the English-language search and other languages and regions.

How Can SEO Experts Handle This in UAE?

It is quite a known fact that marketers across the globe are anxious for link building. The process was straightforward earlier. Since SEO companies in UAE will see this trend making inroad. They can start with just buying links from exchangers through simple filters and wait for an improvement in website positions. However, this is not the only thing you need to follow for a good response.

What You Can Do Now?

  • Identify websites that accept spam donations.
  • Avoid taking more than 30-40% of the link mass on exchangers and find websites that do not sell links directly.
  • For an SEO company in Dubai, or other emirates of UAE, they recommend creating their own PBN network and monitoring its performance.
  • One of the appropriate suggestions is to create good quality, engaging and informative content to attract natural organic links.
  • Focus on the quality of links and not on the number of links
  • Understand what is Tier 2, Tier 3 words and apply them in your procedure.
  • Offering information, valuable services, and other valuable tools that consumers need and expect from you instead of focusing on link buying. They can share your valuable links and help you in link building.

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