How To Design Shopify Website? Create a Beautiful eCommerce Store

Lets Elaborate How To Design Shopify Website?

Shopify comes in the top 3 most popular e-commerce platforms globally. From the facts: 4% of global online business is comprised through Shopify platform and in return, you will earn millions of revenue.

Have you ever wonder: why Shopify is so unique?

How To Design Shopify Website? Because Shopify provides unique services as an e-commerce platform that its competitors haven’t quite mastered. Shopify is very easy to use and convenient for quick and simple sites.

But wait, nothing can be perfect, not even Shopify. So, the catch is limited customization options and a more rigid and linear approach to design, but that is precisely what appeals to a lot of site managers.

As a beginner, we all make mistakes that involve over-optimizing the wrong things while forgetting a few of the essentials. In this blog, let’s break down How To Design Shopify Website? Tips that’ll help you master the basics while making sure you’re focusing on the right stuff.

Choose the best theme for your site

The first essential thing is to pick the right theme. An amazing theme will be the backbone of your site which directly affects the atmosphere, user, experience, and all-around feel of your Shopify store

Shopify offers a freemium service including dozens of themes, each with multiple style variations for further customization. If we talk about cost, some are free to use, most cost between $140–$180.

Social media is always available even if you don’t have a budget.

We all love overnight success, isn’t it? For this, we use Facebook Ads for reaching to a larger audience. I understand your excitement. Yet not explored your store with Facebook ads? It’s time for you to give it a try

If you are a beginner, never forget to add policies to your website. Because the buyers always tend to be aware of the return policies to ensure that they can get a refund in case products are defective. The major benefit it helps build trust.

Always test your store’s mobile settings

How To Design Shopify Website? Before you run your first ad campaign, it’s better to double-check to see what your store or website looks like on mobile. As most of the population uses mobile apps nowadays but many are there who still prefer to view the website on their laptop or tablets.

Different devices affect the look and feel of your website directly. Mobile testing is especially important if your primary sources of traffic are from ads, influencer marketing, or if traffic comes from an app like Instagram or Pinterest.

Better to test and run your website on a mobile phone before the actual app launch. Browse every page of your website, and monitor how much scrolling you need to do on each page.

Customize the theme as little as possible

Hire dedicated Shopify designers that allow you to customize your theme in any way you want. Amazing! But just because you can customize, doesn’t always mean you should. As a beginner customize your store as little as possible.

Update your product inventory monthly

In today’s online world, people often get eager and add several products in one go. Many times we made the mistake of adding 500+ products to your shopping cart, only to be overwhelmed by the process.

Ready-made products

After above tips on How To Design Shopify Website, Finally, you are ready to start with your own Shopify store, you might know what to sell. Sell your own items or products. Apart from this, you can also purchase bulk inventory at wholesale prices. You can also create print-on-demand products that allow you to customize your products.


This include How To Design Shopify Website? These Shopify tips will help you simplify running your online store. Get your Shopify store setup experts with the help of the best Shopify theme Development Company Cartcoders. It offers you Shopify Template Design Services to develop your highly scalable and reliable store.

This is our comprehensive guide on How To Design Shopify Website, visit Digital Crews for more updates.

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