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Do You Know How To Dry Flowers?


Some bouquets are so special that their owners have a desire to preserve their beauty for a long time. One of the easiest practices for preserving cut flowers is drying them. If you are planning to preserve a bouquet by drying it, you can read here how it works.


Step 1: find the right time

When the time has come to dry can of course not be said in general terms. It is important that you enjoy the fresh flowers first, despite your intention to preserve them, and that you do not start drying immediately after receiving the bouquet.


On the other hand, it is important to avoid letting the wilting process begin before you dry the flowers. It is essential that these are still fresh if you want to achieve perfect drying results. So you shouldn’t wait too long before you start preserving.


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Step 2: prepare the bouquet

Take the bouquet out of the flower vase and arrange the individual flowers so that you like the overall picture. You can remove individual flowers or other elements that are already withering or looking less fresh than others at this step.


Then tie a rope around the stems of the flowers. Make sure that this does not cut in, but still sits firmly and prevents the cut flowers from slipping. Now use the rope to form a loop on which to hang the bouquet.


Step 3: Find a suitable place to store the flowers

The ideal location for drying cut flowers is:


A storage room or pantry is a suitable place to dry the flowers. You will achieve the perfect results if you hang the bouquet on a curtain rod. The draft of the window ensures that the drying process is accelerated.


In spring or summer, the bouquet can also be hung in the warm sun. It is important that the location is protected and that the sun’s rays do not hit the flowers directly. If this is the case, you have found the perfect drying location.


Important: The bouquet must hang upside down. This is the only way to ensure that it retains its shape and that the flowers do not bend over time. A drying process lying down is also anything but recommendable. There is a risk that the flowers lying below will be crushed or wither prematurely before they have dried.


Step 4: Use the “secret weapon”

The secret weapon is simply a commercial hairspray. Before the drying process, spray the hairspray in sufficient quantities (preferably too much rather than too little) on the cut flowers. It is important that you cover the entire flower from the blossom to the end of the stem with hairspray. In this way, you will achieve the best possible effects and preserve the flowers for a long time.


In addition, hairspray has the positive property that it largely preserves the luminosity of the colorful flowers. As a result, if you don’t use hairspray, the flowers will fade more.


Step 5: Wait and see

From now on there is nothing more to do – except wait for the flowers to dry . This is the case when the entire bouquet rustles. Now you can drape the dried flowers in a vase, process them into arrangements and wreaths or store them in your personal secret location.


Which flowers can be dried?

Basically, if you want to make a dry bouquet, you can use any cut flower. Please note, however, that different flowers have different drying times. While small flowers with thin petals dry very quickly, large flowers and thick buds take more time.


Cut flowers that are particularly suitable for drying are:


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