How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working On My Computer?

Yahoo mail meets the expectations of professional and personal email requirements of users. Credit goes to its outstanding features and high-end security that will keep your account safe. There might be instances when you start facing issues when Yahoo mail not working on the computer. In such a case, you won’t be able to receive or send emails via your account. We are here with the exact resolutions for the same so, follow the steps carefully.

Resolution for Yahoo Not Working on my Computer

You will need to follow a few steps to fix the not working issue on the device. But before that, you have to ensure if you are accessing your account on a browser or App.

On Browser

If you are stuck with Yahoo mail not working on the browser then, we will discuss the exact procedure to fix this issue.

Method 1- Double-Check Credentials

You will need to make sure if you enter the correct credentials. Even a single incorrect credential won’t allow you to sign in to your account. It is highly recommendable to double-check the credentials while clicking on the Login option. Even if you enter the wrong email address or if there is a single typo error in the password, you will experience this issue.

Method 2- Check the Network Connectivity

Every email service requires good internet to establish a connection with the server for email exchanges. The same goes with Yahoo mail if there is no internet connectivity then, you won’t be able to exchange emails. It won’t be able to connect with the server and hence, you start facing an not working issue. You should open a new tab on the browser and search for something else. If that is also not loading then, fix the connection issue by contacting the internet service provider.

Method 3- Old Browser Version

The browser also needs to update from time to time and the old version won’t work properly. In such a case, it is advisable to check the browser version. Most people use Chrome for signing into a Yahoo account. So, check the current version and update it to the latest version to ensure if there is everything all right.

Install Chrome Browser
  • Open Chrome and click on the More option
  • Click on the Help and go to the Google Chrome
  • There you have to choose Update Google Chrome. If you aren’t able to find this option, you are on the latest version
  • All you have to do is to click on Re-launch and you are all set with the update procedure
Method 4- Check Yahoo Server

This is the common fixing which one should check. Yes, if there is a server error linked with Yahoo mail then, you will face this issue. You can use the Downdetector tool to check the server status. Else, you also can go to the Yahoo official tweets to check the serve related issue. If this is the error behind not working issue of this service then, wait for a while. The server will repair itself and feel free to use your account again.

On Windows Mail App

As of now, everyone knows that Yahoo has shut its official app for Windows operating system. So, if you still are using the app then, you will face this issue. The only resolution you have is to set up your Yahoo account on the Windows Mail app if you don’t have one.

Setup Yahoo Mail on Windows

  • Open the Windows Mail and choose Add Account
  • There is the list and there you have to choose Yahoo
  • Enter the Yahoo account credentials carefully to avoid any issue
  • Choose Sign in and then, Yahoo will ask to access your mailbox. Click on Yes

If you already have set up your Yahoo account on Windows then, you have to follow the fixings methods.

Resolution 1- Check the Internet Status

If you are able to check the old emails but not able to send or receive emails then, check the network connectivity. Windows mail requires good internet to synchronize all of the connected email services. With a weak connection, it won’t be able to synchronize emails, and hence, you will get stuck with this issue. Contact the network operator to fix this issue.

Resolution 2- An Old Windows Mail App

If you are using an old version of the Windows Mail app then, you might face this issue on your computer. You will need to install the latest version of the Windows Mail App. For that-

  • You have to press the Windows key and type Microsoft Store App
  • Find that in the application list and start the app again
  • Choose Update from the section of “Mail and Calendar”

When the update is successful then, you will be now able to use added account whether it is Yahoo mail

Resolution 3- Disable the Firewall or Antivirus Temporarily

It is recommendable to disable Firewall or antivirus on a temporary basis because they might be behind this issue. If there is any suspicious activity on your mail account then, they have the power to force stop the app. Disable them on a temporary basis and check if now you are able to access your Mail account.

Resolution 4- Check the IMAP Settings

If there are wrong IMAP settings then, you won’t be able to access your Yahoo account or it stops working.  Make sure that the IMAP settings are like-

  • Yahoo IMAP Server:
  • Port IMAP: 993
  • Password IMAP: Yahoo password or app password
  • username IMAP: Yahoo Mail Address
Resolution 4- Check Server Status of Yahoo Mail

The same goes for the Windows Mail app as well. Yes, when the Yahoo server is down then, you won’t be able to use Yahoo mail. Check the official tweets of Yahoo and see if there is any official announcement of the same. Wait for a while unless it gets repaired if there is a server issue.

These are the exact resolution for Yahoo mail not working on the computer. Follow the steps as they are because a single mistake will make the situation worse than the previous one. Contact Yahoo Mail UK to get instant help to fix this issue.

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