Product Review – Top Websites For Online Marketers In 2023

For any brand or business, having a positive reputation is a valuable asset this is where product review websites exiting. By understanding the customers and gathering their feedback, any business or brand can build a good reputation. To determine the reputation of any brand for prospective customers, they read the customer reviews of its products or services. Before making any purchase more than 92% of customers read online reviews and 40% of customers build their opinion after reading just one to three reviews. 

The product review websites let the business owner get to know the ideas of their customers regarding their services and products to escalate sales. Businesses or brands need to collect the most relevant and best photos, and comments from their customers to foster brand loyalty, increase conversions, influence buying decisions, and decrease product returns. Between businesses and customers, it helps to create transparency. Read this blog to learn more about some of these product review websites as a marketer so you can leverage them for your products or services. 

Product Review Websites
Product Review Websites

List Of Product Review Websites For Marketers 

Let’s start with some of the best product review websites that you can use. 

1. Amazon Customer Reviews 

One of the largest Product Review Websites is Amazon Customer Reviews. Amazon was the first online platform that allowed the submission of product reviews in 1995. To make customers more informed buying decisions that are based on authentic product cases by the actual customers. For customer review examples like ratings, testimonials, and feedback, the rule with Amazon is simple- you’ll find product reviews if a product is available on Amazon. 

However, the products are typically evaluated with a five-star rating scale apart from a text review. These star ratings represent the average customer rating for that particular product. On average, a product collects a better customer average so more stars appear next to it. 

2. Trustpilot 

A fast-growing, user-generated Product Review Websites community is the Trustpilot platform. Trustpilot originated in Denmark and it has then reached 65 markets along with the US. By collecting customer feedback, Trustpilot helps in building a reputation and making customers understand. Trustpilot improves service, drives traffic, and increases conversion. Through shared experiences, Trustpilot wants to develop trust and they also believe that sharing is caring. 

You can proactively promote your online business on platforms like Trustpilot and interact with users who want to share their views. Trustpilot provides information to users they require to turn them into buyers from users. 

3. Quora 

At first glimpse, Quora may seem unremarkable and it stands out due to its uniqueness in Product Review Websites. The viewership of Quora is constantly growing and it makes it one of the leading product review websites. Under the relevant questions and threads, use it as a platform to spread your product reviews. You have to make sure that your content matches the quality standards and respects its guidelines while posting reviews and its membership is free. 

You can also add well-written product reviews whenever they are relevant and don’t unnecessarily overdo the links otherwise you’ll get banned by the platform. Quora will generate free traffic for your website if your content is good and relevant. Quora is also seen as the primary traffic source by many brands or businesses. 

4. G2

G2 is one of the dedicated Product Review Websites and a perfect place for your listing if you’re marketing a B2B software. Regarding online tools and software’s, when you require transparency and unbiased advice you’ll find more than 300,000 authentic and independent user reviews. 

G2 is the best platform to review products based on subjective opinions and real-life experiences with products. For the comparison sector, G2 is very useful where you can choose a product of your interest and compare it with other software from the other category

5. Angi 

On Angi, the Product Review Websites are based on an A-to-F grade scale. To ensure that the platform gives only solid information with real-life examples, the administrators of the website monitor the quality of these reviews. On this platform, users pay a monthly membership fee to get exclusive access to online product reviews. 

One of the best things about this platform is that it reveals the identity of reviewers which effectively restricts the fake reviews when compared to free product review websites. Business or brand owners can get an account on Angi so they can actively interact with the reviewers. You may consider setting up an account on Angi when you are a promoter of a business or brand, so you can encourage the customers to write reviews regularly on the platform about your services and products. 

6. Capterra 

Capterra is another smart Product Review Websites for software products. Capterra has more than 500 product categories and caters to more than 325,000 product ratings and reviews. You’ll get access to a massive community after listing on Capterra so you can transfer and interact with visitors to your website and also promote your online visibility in the search engines. This is the best method to fetch and reach relevant customers to your website so that they can explore the type of software you are offering. 

7. FinancesOnline 

One of the fastest-growing B2B and SaaS software marketplaces in the world is FinancesOnline. In the finance and SaaS industries, the Product Review Websites is relevant to online software solutions. With more than 2.2 million visitors every month, Finances Online is the fastest-growing platform for product reviews. These numbers make your exposure necessary here if you are promoting a cloud-based B2B solution. 

To improve credibility and avoid fake scams, reviewers are authenticated with LinkedIn. In the most popular categories, FinancesOnline develops reports regarding solutions quarterly. The Product Review Websites, FinancesOnline are backed with expert product reviews that are not only just user-generated. 


This is our detailed guide on Product Review Websites.

These aforementioned are some of the best product review websites you should try. Depending on the exact niche, always remember to choose the product review website in which your product or brand may be operating. To grab the attention of your desired audience, Product reviews are the best way. To make an impression in the minds of your visitors, product reviews also help catapult you into mass audiences. 

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