Tips For Artists To Promote YouTube Videos In 2023 [New]

Lets understand how you can Promote YouTube Videos-

1. Use Other Social Media Platforms and Create a Newsletter

It’s likely that if you’re an artist, you’ve already posted your work on several social media sites. Using these many platforms to promote your videos while you’re first starting out is a fantastic idea. You can also try creating a newsletter to have a built-in list of subscribers you can email when a new video is released in addition to that. My audience has grown since I started my website in 2012, and I can now count on them to watch any new videos I upload to my channel and promote YouTube videos.

2. Work along with different YouTube artists

Promote YouTube Videos, collaborating with others is a terrific way to grow your audience. In exchange for exposure to the other person’s audience, you get to provide some original stuff to your viewers. Collaborations with other YouTube artists have produced some of my best-performing videos. Over 100,000 people have seen the collaboration Aaron Blaise and I did!

Just a brief advice for collabs: Keep trying if you can’t seem to get any well-known YouTubers to collaborate with you. Contact smaller outlets instead. You’re more likely to collaborate on something with another YouTuber who has a comparable-sized audience if you’re just starting out. Additionally, you are not required to concentrate on working with YouTubers. Any musician who has a sizable online fan base will direct viewers to your video. Be inventive in how you may collaborate with others and how you can support one another.

3. Be Visible and Steer Clear of Single Camera Screen-Shares

Promote YouTube Videos, there are many art channels (both large and tiny) where the artist chooses not to display their face. This, in my opinion, is a HUGE error. Building a relationship with your audience is essential if you want to grow it. People enjoy interacting with one another. It is much more engaging to show your face and provide your audience with a personal glimpse into your life than it is to have them merely watch a screen recording of you using Photoshop or making a sketch on paper.Even just speaking straight to the camera can make a difference between someone watching your video/channel only once and unsubscribing to more of it.

4. Take Community Advice, but Don’t Let It Control You

It’s critical to consider the feedback you’re receiving from comments and polls as your channel expands. Some of your most devoted fans will provide this input, so it’s a good idea to consider their comments as you work to enhance your channel’s content.Don’t be hesitant to veer off the beaten road, though. Even if I don’t have the most popular material, I still prefer to post interviews since they provide insightful information that I believe my audience should hear. Give and take is involved. Maintain a channel of communication with your audience and make an effort to deliver what they want to see, but remain true to yourself and pursue your own ideas as well.

5. Maintain a narrow focus on your channel’s topic while experimenting with various content types.

Prior to expanding your YouTube audience, it’s crucial to focus on a single topic. Focus on developing an audience for your stylized digital landscape drawings before moving on to watercolour realistic portraiture. If you’re interested in combining diverse topics, make sure the content is sufficiently comparable that providing completely different stuff won’t alienate your audience.

There are several art channels out there that also broadcast video game replays, which only reduces their audience. Keep your audience together!

In light of this, don’t be hesitant to experiment with the kind of content you post. You can never be sure what will appeal to your audience. Artists can create a broad variety of videos for YouTube, and you never know which one might become popular there and provide you exposure to a larger audience. I can think of a few that you could try: interviews, sketchbook tours, art challenges, lessons, draw my life, and reviews of art supplies.

6. GIFs, a Secret Weapon

Making gifs from your video after you publish it can be a smart idea, yet depending on your topic, it could not be. A couple of my videos have gained popularity thanks to animated gifs I’ve created or others who have adapted my teachings into animated gifs. This gif from my course on drawing the pelvis is the one that immediately comes to mind as being the biggest. It has hundreds of thousands of views after being shared on tumblr, reddit, and imgur. My channel and brand have thereby gained greater visibility.

I suggest using the website if you’re seeking for an easy approach to create animated gifs from your movies. You should be able to rapidly create a gif from a clip and upload it on other social media platforms as long as your YouTube video isn’t too long. They can also be employed to advertise a brief segment of your video under the YouTube community area.

7. Add Your Name as a Watermark to Your Videos

If your content is good, it will be immediately reproduced, remixed, and so on. You’ll be happy that your name or the name of your business is watermarked on the video when that happens. This is straightforward advice that not many people use while uploading information. You may subtly strengthen your brand on the platform by adding a watermark to your video. Make careful to insert the watermark and not the subscribe button that YouTube provides in the bottom right of your video. Even if someone downloads your video, that won’t be replicated.

8. Establish a publishing calendar and checklist.

People value reliability. You’ll discover that posting frequently and on a regular schedule will result in an average increase in views over posting content haphazardly and erratically. To Promote YouTube Videos within their algorithm, you must have a large audience when it initially goes live. Don’t let a lack of organization hinder your ability to develop more quickly.

Don’t neglect to provide a title and thumbnail as well. A video will do considerably better than one without one if it has a catchy title and Promote YouTube videos thumbnail. Make sure that your thumbnail is appealing, that your title can be clicked, and that your description has links to your website, newsletter, and other social media accounts.

Additionally, Promote YouTube Videos on all of your other social networks and in your newsletter. Give your video every chance to succeed if you want it to!

9. Let’s Discuss Sound

Many musicians put so much effort into making their videos seem amazing that they entirely ignore paying attention to the audio. If your video sounds terrible, nobody will view it, not even artists. Get a microphone for your videos if you’re serious about posting to YouTube. There is no justification in 2019 for continue using in-camera audio as the primary audio source for your videos.

10. Create Content That Is Easy to Read

Posting short or long content is OK as long as it’s interesting and worthwhile. Is this something I would want to spend time watching? should be your constant question. If it isn’t, chop it off. Watchtime is a crucial component for YouTube.

It’s a red flag that your material may not be watchable if viewers are abandoning your video in droves to watch something else. I frequently observe new art YouTubers who publish an hour-long video of a painting or a sketch they made but receive no views. No one will want to spend that much time watching a video of you drawing unless you’re a god of art. A creative person values their time highly. Respect the time of your viewers.

Use a time lapse to cut down on the length of uninteresting videos, or better yet, spend more time editing it to include amusing or helpful commentary. Digestible content is shared, which is a terrific approach to get more people to see your videos.

Bonus Advice: Avoid nonsense

Going back to the first piece of advice, don’t post anything that isn’t good. People will follow you if your content is of high quality. Your audience will assume that’s all you have to give if you upload uninteresting, carelessly edited, or otherwise unengaging content, and they’ll go.

You might believe that my first video was How to Draw the Head From Any Angle, but you’d be wrong. Because I quickly recognized it wasn’t excellent after creating it, you’ve never seen my first video on YouTube. Killing your darlings and “wasting” the time you spent creating a video hurts, but posting poor quality content hurts you more. Furthermore, the time you spent creating a movie or recording a drawing wasn’t in vain; it was a worthwhile learning experience that will enhance your subsequent videos.

This is our comprehensive guide on Promote YouTube Videos in a smarter way to get more views and engagement.

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