The Biggest Bite of the 2021 Market- Shift4Shop vs. Shopify

E-commerce business is too competitive and has revolutionized to become a vital part of today’s economy. E-commerce has shown the most significant impact on our lives, and people find it more convenient to shop online.

Amid slowing economic activity during Covid-19 has taken a U-turn and has shifted people to the internet, increasing consumer purchasing habits. Moreover, the expectations from this growing industry are highly optimistic and are anticipated to reach over $5 billion in upcoming years.

Shopify is a premium E-commerce solution and one of the Best eCommerce Platforms for scalability. With the rise in stay-at-home and work-from-home culture, there has been a tremendous rise in purchasing power, and you can buy anything and everything. 

However, with the rise of digital transformation programs and all-in-one turnkey platforms, Shift2Shop has been ruling the market for quite some time now. Shopify is in the lead with Shift4Shop in a tight end.

Background Information

In the light of the aspect mentioned above, the overall winner for you will be the one that works best for your e-store or web store. The article speaks about Shift4Shop vs. Shopify, the Best e-commerce Platform and leading Shopify Development Company.

What is Shopify?

In the world of E-commerce, people have likely heard of Shopify and the application that has firmly positioned in the third-largest E-commerce market share. Shopify has become the most popular and powerful tact platform since 2006 with an extensive array of sales features. 

Shopify is considered the most comprehensive and best E-commerce platform since 2006, managing multiple E-commerce stores and providing the business owner with the foundation for a successful e-commerce strategy.

What is Shift4Shop?

This is a leading electronic E-commerce application that develops E-commerce software for businesses and has all set of functions out of the box than any other popular E-commerce platform. 

The initial name of Shift4Shop is 3Dcart and was purchased by Shift4Payments in 2020. Fast forward to today, the platform has undergone specific valuable changes by becoming the high Shopify contender/competitor offering similar services and rich-add on-features.

Pros and Cons of Shift4Shop and Shopify Platform

E-commerce has grown significantly in this Pandemic world as there is no time to go shopping physically. People are more attracted to shopping online; therefore, this is a perfect idea to increase your business expertise or start a small business selling your online products. Here are some Cons and Pros of Shopify and Shift4Shop.

Pros of Shopify Platform

  • Without a doubt, Shopify makes the leading option that Shopify is the best option here, offering a fantastic range of Point-of sales and stores management features.
  • Shopify provides the necessary security and necessary features with plenty of designs and functionality flexibility.
  • The leading platform has a thriving community with 24*7 high-support quality

Cons of Shopify Platform

  • There are certain disadvantages of the Shopify application, and first and foremost is based on a monthly subscription payment model, which is difficult for start-ups.
  • Shopify app stores have a lot of good functions, but Shopify allows you to change certain parts. It needs a unique setup for customization.
  • Moreover, there are only ten themes available in Shopify.

Pros of Shift4Shop

  • One of the extensive facts about Shift4Shop is that it is a complete customer-oriented E-commerce platform.
  • Moreover, it is a promising collaboration for online merchants with a wide range of sales, store management, and tools available.
  • There are so many free themes to choose from.

Cons of Shift4Shop

  • Apart from being an excellent SEO optimization, Shift4Shop has a limited customization template.
  • Though Shift4Shop comes with a wide range of business models. The application is still relatively under-going with lots of changes.
  • Deciding between the two leading and premium platforms; however, putting these popular platforms understanding microscope will make you make an informed decision.

Now let’s quickly drive into Shift4Shop vs. Shopify.

The Salient Features- Shift4Shop vs. Shopify

Online Store Functionality

This subscription-based software shop owners can set up an online store with unlimited products and non-stop bandwidth. You can host and create product variations providing and access to over 100 payment gateways. Moreover, the Turnkey E-commerce solution provides similar online store functionality when you start selling your products or service online.

Inventory Management

Shift4Shop makes it easy to manage any amount of inventory when orders are processed. Similarly, Shopify automatically tracks the list and allows receiving the notification when stocks are running low. In addition to this, Shopify enables to handle multiple inventories across multiple store locations. Therefore, Shopify is slightly a better platform.

Calculation of Shipping Option

Both the leading platforms are working with the US’s most popular carriers. You can easily calculate the shipping charges and print shipping labels. Both applications are an ideal choice to build the perfect website for your business. The price ranges are between $299 per month.

Multilingual Capabilities

Shift4Shop expands its feature to translate your 

Homepage into another language. In contrast, you can enable multiple languages from your Shopify admin and allows you to create multilingual checkout pages in over 50 languages. Henceforth no tool offers site-wide Multilingual Capabilities.


At this moment, both platforms enable you to choose a template and customize it using their theme editor. It is the most important key feature and takeaway of both the platforms that provide a customizable E-commerce platform and allow you to control the style of your store further. These platforms are reasonably customizable, and you can modify color, theme, and whatnot.


You can easily optimize your online store/structure using these platforms/tools, boost sales, and is an excellent practice to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic, giving more opportunities to convert qualified prospects into potential customers. 

In addition to this, you can customize your company’s URL structure with Shift4Shop; however, Shopify isn’t quite flexible.

Extra Marketing Features

Though it may be reasonable to assume that both the platforms are excessively safe and secure. Shift4Shop offers you built-in affiliate marketing; in contrast, Shopify needs a third-party app to unlock these features. Moreover, Shift4Shop is one of the oldest E-commerce platforms and is free for US-based shop owners.

Shift4Shop vs. Shopify Pricing

As we know that Shift4Shop offers a special deal and end-to-end E-commerce for US merchants only. The industry-leading E-commerce solution price range starts from $29 to $299 per month. They are 100% free for US residents.

On the other hand, Shopify Pricing starts with the basic $29 per month, including unlimited products. Moreover, besides the monthly fees, you need to pay around 2.9% +30% transaction fees on every sale you make. 

The upgraded version of the basic plan comes at $79 per month with 2.6% + 30% per transaction. The advanced Shopify platform comes at $299 per month with 2.4% + 30% per transaction.

Shift4Shop vs. Shopify Ease to Use

It is important to note that both the popular platforms are relatively easy to wrap and come with very different approaches. Both the platforms are overwhelming to use, and neither requires any coding skills to the table. 

Moreover, the leading platforms have created a lot of attention, and anyone can conveniently use them to start an E-commerce business. These platforms are particularly a good choice for those who are looking to build an online store inexpensively.

Shift4Shop vs. Shopify Product Selling

Shopify is the best E-commerce platform specially designed to sell unlimited digital and physical products, including various rich and advanced features like enticing product pages, product variations, discounts and offers, and much more. 

Moreover, the Shopify platform has the most powerful SEO features to enjoy better visibility on popular search engines. In contrast, it is essential to note Shift4Shop matches the vast majority of Shopify features and enables you to sell via Facebook. 

Shift4 Shop can stack special offers and promotions, whereas Shopify allows the product only to be part of one offer/discount.

Final Verdict

The Indian E-commerce revenue is expected to grow to $200 billion by 2026, and we expect the Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed online shopping behaviors and unforeseen exponential growth. 

Moreover, both Shopify and Shift4 Shop have boasted a wide range of E-commerce features to complete E-commerce Solutions. Besides that, both the leading platforms have a lot to offer in the long-term race. 

I have highlighted all the necessary points; therefore, I request you make the best choice according to your business needs and let us know in the below comment box whatever you think is the best E-commerce platform.

Best eCommerce Platform

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