VPS Server for E commerce Website: Launch Your Online Store

Online Server is very popular in India, especially in the technical and web development industries. We offer one of the best VPS Server for E-commerce website hosting solutions with cutting-edge technology in India. The data center is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Most business owners like hosting because we offer quick and good support. We offer Managed VPS Server for E-commerce by using the best virtualization platforms, like KVM hypervisor, which comes in 4 sizes with different technical parts, is based on cloud infrastructure, and has SSD storage built in, and VMware for Linux VPS.

Onlive Server is the only company in India that offers a VPS Server for E-commerce with built-in security features and also makes sure that your website is optimized.

Lets understand VPS Server for E-commerce why you need vps hosting?

Why do people require India VPS hosting?

Your server response time is too slow if your website is hosted on a shared server. This happens when several thousand people visit the website every day. So the solution is to switch to India VPS Hosting or move your shared hosting services there. When the number of visitors grows and the server takes too long to respond, the website is automatically moved to a dedicated server or a cloud server.

If you want your current hosting to be more flexible, if you want to host multiple websites, or if you need more space and resources, choose our low-cost VPS Server for E-commerce. This will give your business the freedom to do all of these things.

You will get the same features with our VPS Server Hosting as you would with dedicated server hosting. In VPS hosting, several sites run on a single server or just one set of hardware, so the costs of running them are much lower. This means that your business can have a high-end web presence without going bankrupt.

Taking a look at India VPS Server Hosting

Taking a look at VPS Server for E-commerce

Here are some of the most important reasons you should use a VPS server:

India – Performance VPS servers work well and can handle a lot more traffic than other kinds of hosting. This makes them ideal for websites that get a lot of traffic.

Security: It is safer than shared hosting plans because each customer has a virtual machine. This makes sure that other customers can’t access your site unless you permit them to do. So, through FTP or SSH access controls.

Reliability: Since each customer has a virtual machine, there is less chance that it will go down when another customer’s site crashes because of technical problems with their hardware or software configuration settings that affect all users at once.

With advanced features, India VPS hosting comes with:

Our VPS Server for E-commerce comes with the following great features that make sure it works well and stays up. Onlive Server gives you the guarantee that your hosting is in good hands and will work well for your online presence.

  • Distinct IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Access to a safe shell (SSH)
  • Solid-State Drive (SSD) Storage
  • Privileges at the root
  • Getting Better
  • Backups are made every week.
  • Put money aside for it.
  • One-click OS reinstall
  • CMS compatibility
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • Maximum Security
  • Was in charge of performance, security, and software updates.
  • Unstoppable performance with your server resources
  • The custom control panel is simple to use.
  • Endless traffic and bandwidth
  • Expandable memory and storage space

Unique Services for India VPS Server Hosting:

Onlive Server’s Cheap VPS Server Hosting gives you full control. And since you have full administrator access, you can change your server to fit your needs. Here, you can use a dedicated server’s flexibility without having to spend a lot of money.

Our VPS Server for E-commerce Hosting uses the latest hardware virtualization technology to make sure that your professional web applications always have the performance they need.

Our clients can install Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Debian, Mandriva, and Sabayon/Gentoo for Linux through our customization services.

What is Best Cloud VPS Hosting?

Before we get into our list of top five VPS Server for E-commerce providers, it’s important to know exactly what a VPS is. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is very similar to a dedicated server; you have your own dedicated CPU and memory, but with a much lower price tag.

You also have root access and complete control over your operating system and applications. While there are some limitations regarding security (for example, you might not be able to install certain software), for most businesses that use cloud platforms for their day-to-day operations, a cloud server will work just fine. If you’re looking for another option outside of traditional web hosting or server rental models, then cloud servers are worth considering.

How to find the Best Cloud VPS Hosting for your needs?

Before you begin your search for Best Cloud VPS Hosting, make sure you understand what it is. Best Cloud VPS hosting uses virtual servers hosted in a third-party cloud environment. You can choose to use your operating system or have one provided by your provider. The benefit of using Best Cloud VPS hosting is that it’s scalable and you only pay for what you use. However, it might not be a good option if you need a physical server that’s located in a specific area or if you need more control over system resources. If that’s not an issue, here are five top providers in today’s market


While some providers offer unlimited bandwidth, be sure to check with your provider if you have a specific data limit in mind. If you need high-bandwidth capabilities, it may not be wise to go with a provider that has a cap or doesn’t have one listed. Data transfer and monthly traffic: Depending on how much space you’ll need and how many sites will be hosted in your account, look for a host that’s got enough available resources and data transfer.

Keep in mind that high-traffic sites are going to require more resources than a personal site or portfolio site. Disk space: How much space does your business need? Be honest about how much storage is needed for files—again, depending on what kind of web presence you want/need for your business.

Service Provider Reputation and Reliability

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a cloud server is how reliable it will be. After all, you’re likely using your VPS to run an online business, and nobody wants a slow or unreliable server affecting their revenue stream. The best way to figure out how reliable a provider is would be by researching their background and customer reviews across different sites. If they don’t have positive reviews with very few complaints, that should be a red flag for you before making any kind of commitment with them. As far as brand reputation goes, make sure that you are familiar with who they are and what kinds of products they offer before going through with anything.

Connection Speed and Uptime Guarantee

When you host your website or apps on a Virtual Private Server, you want to make sure it will always be up and that there won’t be any problems with download speeds. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable cloud hosting provider that offers features like fully redundant systems and network load balancers, which ensure lightning-fast upload and download speeds.


It may be a little difficult to get started with cloud computing, but for all its benefits there’s one major downside: if you want to scale up your capacity at any point in time, it can be cumbersome and costly. Cloud VPS hosting is a cloud computing approach that has proven particularly adept at overcoming these obstacles and can make all your systems scalable without you having to do anything. Find out how they work today in our Top 5 Cloud VPS Hosting Provider reviews.

Customer Support

One of your primary concerns should be whether or not you’ll receive support from a company that understands your industry and product. Some companies provide 24/7 support; some are restricted to certain hours (typically 9-5). If you require tech support outside of those hours, ensure it’s available before picking a provider. As far as time zones go, if you don’t have U.S.-based customer service agents, you might want to consider another provider.


One of the primary benefits of a VPS Server for E-commerce is that you don’t have to manage infrastructure. Your providers do all that for you, meaning your company can rest easy knowing its data is as secure as possible. Cloud providers also offer multiple security options that can be deployed according to your business needs—including firewalls, network isolation, and encryption.

These measures keep data safe from unauthorized access even in the event of a breach. VPS Server for E-commerce provide more than just an extra layer of protection; they offer peace of mind. That’s why it’s no surprise most companies choose cloud hosting solutions over other technologies when expanding their server setup. Fortunately, these days there are plenty of cloud-hosting providers with outstanding reputations offering everything from performance optimization to load balancing—and much more. Here are five top options


If you need VPS Server for E-commerce business, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, ask yourself what kind of service you require—is scalability important? Do you need strong security and redundancy? Do you have a team or are you handling everything on your own? The answers to these questions will help narrow down your search.

This is our guide on VPS Server for E-commerce, Read Also>>> Top 5 Cloud VPS Hosting Providers

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