How to Make Money Online as a Writer

Many of you must have seen people who say they earn money by writing. They mean that they either write for their websites or work as content writers (as I am) for some company. Content Writing has become a pretty viable option or a career choice in today’s world. Today, in this article we will see How to Make Money Online as a Writer.   

It does not require any special degree, just basic know-how of the language required and proper research on the topic. Content writing has become an industry of its own and is growing steadily. There is a lot of demand for good quality content write-ups and articles.

It even pays off well, as compared to other unconventional career options. Companies are hiring part-time and full-time writers. And with all the big businesses wanting to have a digital presence, this career option has become even more feasible for people. 

If you are new to content writing, you can join a good content writing course. There are many institutes available in the market, but The Thought Tree is the best among them as they will teach you 40+ types of content writing.  

In this article, I will tell the mass how to make money online as a writer. I will also share some insights and tips for surviving in this industry. 

Let us begin with the various segments that you can work in while writing.

How to Make Money Online as a Writer

1. Professional 

This includes the write-ups, articles, and blogs required by professionals and corporations. They hire writers for formal purposes. For example – PowerPoint presentations, documents, deals, website creation, and so on. 

They pay a decent amount to the writers, and they might even hire them depending on their versatility.

2. Personal 

This includes the works that the people do for themselves, i.e., their websites. This is mostly lifestyle-based – food blogging, travel blogging, DIYs, home remedies, and the list is endless. 

For this list, the person himself has to start writing and gains popularity slowly, and then he starts to earn, based on various factors (AdSense, other advertisements, so on). This process takes time since the person has to begin from scratch. He has to pay for the website creation (in case he doesn’t have the technical knowledge) and be patient to gain popularity. He has to market his blogs.

3. Social 

This includes write-ups for social media. Many writers today are into this segment since it is the easiest one, and there is a lot of demand. There are Instagram write-ups, Twitter write-ups, captions, spreading awareness on media, and many other ways of influencing people on social media.

Even companies hire writers who can influence people on social media and raise their brand awareness through social media campaigns.

4. Entertainment 

This segment is by far the most potent one. You write scripts for videos, podcasts, and even films in this segment. You write the dialogues, the notes for everything entertainment-related. Obviously, this is done mainly for the entertainment industry (obviously), but many advertisements are also done for businesses and companies. They hire people with good imagination and creativity.

These are the major segments in which you can have a career as a content writer. Let us look at the career options waiting for you to choose them.

5. Writing a Blog

The most common way to begin your career as a content writer is blogging. You can do it for your website (lifestyle and so on) or work for people who hire writers and bloggers.

6. Ghostwriting

It is the art of writing for someone else, but the article will be posted under their name. It is much like lyricists that write for singers and artists, and they pay the lyricists and give them credits in the song description. Just like that, when you write for other people, they will recommend your services to other people.

7. E-Books 

You can write books in electronic format and publish them personally, or you can convert the images in text format for a reputed organization. They will provide their copyrighted work to you, and you have to type it and give it back to them. 

8. Scripts

As I mentioned before – you can write scripts for videos, podcasts, plays, and so on. The reward is quite good and you get a good reputation in the entertainment industry.

9. Copywriting

Copywriting is done with the intention of promotion or advertising of any product or service. The advertisements you see on the internet or in the newspapers/magazines are copywriting.

10. Informal Writing

This generally includes all the unconventional platforms like social media and so on. You can write quotes, captions, paras, start your page on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and so on. You can be an influencer.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Writing

1. Quality 

You need to keep in mind the 5 Ps – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Prepare your article with quality and make it as if your life depended on it. Always keep in mind the purpose of the article. If possible, share your views and give suggestions to the users. Make sure to write a good conclusion at the end.

2. Consistency

Not only with the submissions and deadlines but also with the way you present the information in your article. Sentences should be of the same length, punctuation should be used properly, and the facts and research should be relevant and consistent with your body of work.

Also, make sure that you should write consistently. The more you will write, the more you will learn. You can also write in a particular niche and become a master of that.

3. Red Flags

Never work for someone who asks for a security deposit unless a reputed organization demands a standard fee.

Never work for anyone that sends you copyrighted work of some other person. And never trust anything too good to be true.

A lot of technical aspects are attached to content writing, for which one can join a course in content writing or even digital marketing. One great course that comes to mind is The Thought Tree. 3 words – Amazing, Holistic, Versatile.

This was my piece on content writing. Stay tuned for more great stuff!

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